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  • What are the health benefits of raw cacao?
  • Which nutrients are abundant in raw cacao that 80% of Americans are deficient in?
  • What are the Bliss and Love Chemicals in cacao and how can they reduce the risk of hypertension and bad cholesterol?

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Sourced from our Global Village…

Hi there, I’m Sky Kubby, the founder. I created Medicinal Foods to share what I picked up along my quest for health, sourcing from traditional Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Chinese Herbal medicinal wisdom.

Combining this ancient plant knowledge with cutting – edge health and wellness technology, we are feeding your potential, The Ancient Future of Food!"

Our products

Authentic, Pure & Delicious.

Raw | Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO


With Shamans Blend 

Our "mood-enhancing" superfood raw chocolate products all contain our signature,“Shaman’s Blend”- with supergreens, tonic herbs,  &  hemp protein.


Superior Bioavailability

Our “nano” medicinal mushroom powders help reduce stress and keep you and your family energized, strong and healthy.

They taste so good, we put them in our raw chocolate.

When mixed with any milk, they make a creamy, malty shake.


Eat Tonic Herbs Like the Ancients!

Ancient Taoists and Zen masters ate tonic herbs as superfoods- in copious amounts.

Explore our Tonic Herbal Blends: Love Tonic, to nourish the Feminine. Spirit Tonic, for peace and calming and Chi Tonic, for energy and vitality.​


The Tastiest and Healthiest Greens on Earth!

Enhanced absorption with 10 fermented Veggies and Grasses, along with Probiotics and Enzymes. Milk Thistle for the Liver and tonic herbs like Licorice. Kids love the organic berry flavor!

"I felt my entire body become lighter, happier and nourished!"                -Lindsay,   Los Angeles, CA

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