Dr. Chris

I have the chi tonic after dinner and the Spirit tonic before bed! great way to end the day with energizing hot drinks with no caffeine. both are energizing in different ways. feelin it and lovin it

Carol Shakti Jenny

The Superfood Chocolate “Truffle Bar” is better than anything I have ever experienced.  It is SO SATISFYING, nutrient-dense and the most delicious chocolate ever. I took one bite of this (more…)

Carol Sylva

I have to say that when I tasted Medicinal Foods Gourmet Raw Macadamia Nuts,  it was like I had never had a real MACADAMIA experience before. Food of the Gods. Thanks Sky Sierran Kubby and Medicinal Foods!!


“Medicinal Foods Lovers Chocolate Bar is hands down the best chocolate I have ever had! Its rich complex and delicious flavor is perfectly blended (more…)

Keena Q. — Boulder, CO

“The Lovers Bar is pure Nirvana! Its smooth, creamy texture was just exactly sweet enough. I can’t believe this is good for me- it tastes too sinful!”

Misty Rushing

“I was introduced to your products just recently at the Longevity Now Conference and ~WOW~ they are not only delicious but very activating. I could feel a profound difference. I reached for the chocolate when (more…)

Ashley—Boulder, CO

“There is nothing more wonderful than the healing magical properties of Medicinal-Foods Cacao Elixer. After drinking this fine product I experienced and overwhelming sense of Joy and Love for everything around me. It is a truly inspirational food!”