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  • Is Wetter Water Healthier? Discover the Hydration Secrets of Crystal Energy

    How would you like to drink Spring water every day?  What if you don’t have access to a Spring?  This is the next best alternative we have found.  Here’s how to turn ordinary, dead water into structured, alkaline water that tastes like it came from a Spring! . Crystal Energy makes water “Wetter” by decreasing […]

    Cacao Elixir: Mood Enhancing Chocolate Superfood Mix

    ANCIENT CACAO SHAMANS traveled between villages combining local plant medicines and herbs into their traditional ceremonial brews. Mucuna, with the highest plant levels of L-DOPA, precursor to Dopamine,  was used as an anti-stimulant, along with superfoods like Lucuma and Maca to compliment the Cacao. The result is a mood-enhancing experience like no other.   Mucuna Puriens (Velvet Monkey Bean) Used in […]