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Full Protocol: Regrow Tooth Enamel & Heal Cavities Naturally

This is the full protocol expanded from:

Remineralize Teeth & Heal Cavities with Three Ancient Foods

Full Protocol Sections:
1. Eat Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) for Vitamin D
2. Eat “The X-Factor”: Vitamin K1 and K2
3. Avoid Cavity 4. Cavity Healing Foods To Eat More Of
5. Mineralize and Alkalize Your Water
6. Make Your Own Ionic Drops
7. Make Your Own Toothpaste or Try Theodent
8. Soak your Grains
9. Practice Oil Pulling

1. Eat Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) for Vitamin D:

FCLO is loaded in fat soluble Vitamins, including Vitamin D.  Crucial in building strong teeth and bones, Vitamin D plays a big factor in the ability to heal cavities.  It can be helpful to prevent gingivitis as it is an anti-inflammatory.

The amount of calcium in your teeth is in flux. 

Calcium is flowing in and out of your teeth, depending on where it is needed in the body. Vit. D regulates this entire process! When levels of Vit. D are low, not only is no calcium sent to the teeth, but it is robbed from your teeth! When this continues, you could end up with periodontal disease and weakened teeth.

Vit. D is also directly responsible for creating the “Cementum” which binds your teeth to the bones in your mouth. Lastly, it appears that the gene that controls Periodantal disease is regulated by a receptor controlled by, guess what? Vit. D. 

Two new studies have linked low levels of vitamin D with Cognitive Impairments, or “Brain Fog”.  Subjects with low Vit. D levels scored twice as low on mental testing. Good fats and cholesterol are also important for the brain to work properly, as the brain and spinal cord are mostly cholesterol. The highest source of cholesterol is found in Caviar and may actually help prevent Alzheimer’s as there is now a link found between low cholesterol diets, Statin drugs and Alzheimer’s.

Steinman Theory of Hormonal – Dentinal – Tubular Flow:

Just as brain health is so linked to vitamins, minerals and good fats,  so is the health of your endocrine (glandular) system.  There is a special connection with the Hypothalamus gland,   health of your teeth. Revolutionary new research by Drs. Steinman & Leonora on the Dentinal Fluid Transport shows this connection between our brain and teeth.

Ralph Steiman discovered 3 miles of microscopic tubes leading from our teeth to glands in our brain, like the Hypothalamus and pituitary.

In this theory, glands send hormonal signals to your teeth, telling them to mineralize or de-mineralize.

This biochemical/hormonal model may shed light on why it is much more important what we are eating to nourish our glands and provide enough minerals for our bodies.  As it turns out there are Vitamin D receptors in the Hypothalamus. Source

In over 100 studies over 40 years,   Steinman and Leonora proved that the teeth can hold their own against the bacteria that modern dentistry says is the culprit of cavities.  This “dentinal tubular flow” nourishes and alkalizes the tooth, from the dental pulp outward , through the tubules and enamel and into the mouth! Hormones are powerful.

When you think of eating Vitamin C to you instantly salivate?  I do. Stimulated by eating, or perhaps even the thought, the hypothalamus gland,   control center of the autonomic nervous system, normally sends the “parotid-hormone-releasing factor” to the parotid (biggest salivary gland).  This parotid hormone is then released and stimulates the dentinal flow of nutrients and Alkalizing serum with a PH of 7.4.

The Steinman theory states that Sugar, eaten alone, and even Stress can cause an interruption of this flow of nutrients.

Perhaps that’s why Edgar Cayce quotes are “Chew your liquids and Drink Your food.” And. “Don’t eat when you’re upset.” Cayce had the vision to see the link between nutrition, our emotional state and our health.

This hormonal block, or even drawing of minerals out of the teeth is a malfunction that results in tooth decay.  The bad bacteria in the mouth are simply opportunistic organisms that invade malnourished teeth, but not the cause of the cavities themselves.  Just leave it to western medicine to always treat the symptoms! Pasteur on his deathbed said, “It’s the terrain, not the germ, that causes the disease!” Source.

What am I taking for Vitamin D?

Sunight is great, but usually isn’t enough.  These days, overuse of sunscreen can be damaging, from the harmful chemical commercial sunscreen contains, and for its blocking effect on the sun.  I reccommend using natural sunscreens like Shea Butter. You will have to reapply, perhaps every half hour if you’re worried about it, but oh well, it’s natural, healthy and fun! Plus, in-between you will actually catch more rays and absorb more Vitamin D.

Vitamin D in a supplement form can be difficult to absorb.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is highly recommended as an ancient food source of Vitamin D and other Fat-Soluble vitamins.  I am currently taking 1 teaspoons 2-3 times per day of the Green Pastures brand FCLO,   in Non-Flavored form.  This brand has the High-Vitamin Butter Oil included.  The flavors help with the taste, however you may want to use the capsules if it’s still too much for you. I eat about 1/2 teaspoon per day.

Product Description:

“Many of the great historical cultures had one sacred food which they relied on to ensure strong mind, body, and spirit; fermented fish/fish liver oil. The Might Roman Soldier was given a daily ration of fermented fish oil. The Stoic Scandinavian Viking had a drum of fermenting cod livers outside the door of his home. Grandma always had a bottle of cod liver oil in the back cupboard.”  -Green Pastures
Grab some HERE!

Another benefit of eating FCLO is not only the Vit. A and D. content, but what it will do for you hair, skin and nails!

Vitamin D also requires an increase in Calcium and Magnesium,  best taken in an ionic form, as liquids.  Do not take Calcium in the form of tablets!  Throw those away?  They may help create the “mini coral reef” that is responsible for major inflammation in the body, such as arthritis.  I like this Ionic Calcium and Magnesium product because it’s nano particled for 99% absorption, compared to 5% or less for some other.  Find more “nano” themed products at the Medicinal-Foods site: Medicinal Mushrooms and Nano Ionic Silver.

ionic calcium and magnesium

Product Description:

Ionic Calcium and Magnesium is a professional grade liquid ionic mineral dietary supplement. The product contains Nano sized calcium and magnesium particles utilizing the latest Nano Mineral Technology. The calcium and magnesium particles are 0.1 nanometers in diameter, also known as 1 angstrom, giving you a product that is angstrom sized water soluble and completely absorbable. Good State ionic minerals were formulated to have an impressive absorption rate of about 99% while others can be as low as 5% or less.

Other Food Sources of Vit D: Fish, egg yolks, and dairy products.

2. Eat “The X-Factor”: Vitamin K1 and K2 :

Vitamin K is what Dr. Weston Price termed the “X-Factor”, or “Activator-X”.His research depicts the case history of a 14 year old girl with 48 cavities, who ate this “X-factor” as an extract, plus “High-Vitamin Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil’ three times a day, over seven month.

They were able to stop her tooth decay and re-mineralize her teeth. She grew new dentin, healing 48 cavities on 24 teeth with new tooth enamel.

That’s why I like the Green Pastures Brand of FCLO above, because it also contains 1/3 “X-factor” High Vitamin Butter Oil”.

Vitamin K is lacking in the the modern diet. Previously associated with blood-clotting, newer studies shows the Vit. K harnesses special proteins that have an organizational ability to distribute calcium and phosphorous in teeth and bones.  Simultaneously, the calcium is inhibited from calcifying soft tissues in your kidneys, arteries and other parts of the body.

Dr. Price found that an unbalanced ration of calcium to phosphorous created a host of ailments in the body, including cavities and tooth infections.He found the best ration was bout 2.5 : 1 Calcium to Phosphorous.

One of DR. Price’s dramatic case stories involved a 14-year-old girl who healed a mouthful of cavities by following his nutritional protocol.  By taking Activator X concentrate and high-vitamin cod liver oil capsules three times daily during the space of seven months, she experienced the complete healing of the whopping 42 cavities she had in 24 teeth.

Vitamin K is crucial to both delivering calcium to the bones as well as preventing calcification in the body.  The latter is a major culprit of the “coral reef” which calcifies the body and is responsible for inflammation in just about every disease there is, most notably, arthritis.

I like the above brand of FCLO, because it includes the fat soluble Vitamin-Rich Butter Oil with a highly absorbable source of Vitamin K2. Read Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox.

Animal Sources Vitamin K2:

Fish and other meat, cheese, eggs, and butter.

Plant Sources of Vit. K1: 

Here’s a link of K1 sources for Plant Based foods. Kale tops the charts! 

Vegan Sources of Vit. K2:

Fermented Foods. By fermenting your vegetables you can get a good source of Vit. K2.  Cultured foods were a part of all major cultures, in the past. In the book, Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz states that, “…without culturing, there is no culture.”

Annatto Miso is another rich food in Vit. K.  There are extracts from Annatto as well.

3. Avoid Cavity Causing Foods:

Refined sugars and carbohydrates.

These simple sugars and carbs, like bread, can create blood sugar swings resulting in the shut-down of mineralization flow to the teeth.

White flour and white sugar are nutritionally depleted,  void of minerals, vitamins and fiber and do not nourish our bodies or our teeth.  Without the nutrition our teeth are weakened and cavities form. Again, we are avoiding these foods, because of how they interact with our bodies, not the bacteria in our mouth.

White rice has a Glycemic Index of 87 while brown rice has a  GI of 50.  So, after eating a cup of white rice, the body breaks it down quickly, creating a blood-sugar spike which is about the same as eating a candy bar.  

Phytates (a controversial topic)

Phytates in grains are believed to contribute to the inability to breakdown food into minerals.  Even whole grains like wheat and oats have high levels of Phytates.  It is suggested that anyone serious about healing their cavities naturally may want to avoid grains altogether. Sourdough, if it’s authentic and real can be an exception.  Sourdough Rye is even better.

Theodent Toothpaste Cavity Healing Theobromine Product
Natural Cavity Healing Toothpaste made with Theobromine from Cacao

Cacao, being a seed, or “bean”, does contain phytates.  However they also undergo a breakdown of phytates and greater release of minerals during their fermentation process.  Did you know chocolate is a fermented food? 

As strong of an argument as there is against Phytates causing demineralization, they appear to be less of an issue than the actual supplementation of Vitamin D alone.

Low Phytic Acid Diet vs. Vit. D Supplementation
Low Phytic Acid Diet vs. Vit. D Supplementation

Just take a look of this chart at a study done by Dr. Price on children. You can see the red line represents the healing people experienced on three different diets. The diet on the left the kids were fed oatmeal. On the same diet,  those who supplemented Vitamin D experienced a 4 point improvement in healing cavities, versus the .75 of 1 point improvement for those who also eliminated the oats and Phytic Acids.

While this sounds great, the point is to not overdo it with grains, especially processed.  Go with the 80/20 rule and eat 80% Non-starchy vegetables, like salad, with 20% grains, if you are going to eat a starchy meal. In this case be sure to complete your meal by eating an alkalizing food, like Cucumber or Celery to re-alkalize your mouth.  Also rinse your mouth with an alkaline solution (see #3 Below).

Cutting back on grains and starches is key here, however the point is don’t stress if you eat some starch or here and there!  Stress can be a major culprit to blocking mineral flow to the teeth, so let’s have a balance outlook here!

Our relationship to food needs to come from peace and happiness.

Will avoiding all sugars and starches help heal your cavities? Yes.  Is it the most important aspect of the program? No.

Other items to avoid that can destroy your enamel:

Refined Sugars:

White Sugar, Corn Syrup, Maltitol, Sucrose, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose  contain a lot of sugar alcohols,  have no nutritional value and some can even contain chemicals like phosphoric acids and calcium hydroxide from the bleaching process at the factory.  A second stage of processing occurs to take out all the chemicals which may end up doing more harm than good.

Artificial Sweeteners:

For the love of God, and your enamel, if you are still eating these chemicals, stop! Get off of these harmful substances immediately! Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, Sponfull, etc.)  are addictive, have major side-effects and are now being linked to major diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Birth Defects, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation and more!  Saccharin can cause excessive weight gain and increase the risk of cancer. Sucralose can cause gastrointestinal probelms, blurred vision and migranes.

Processed Vegetable Oils:

Cottonseed Oil, Corn oil and Soybean oil.  When heated, free radical created during high heat can be highly toxic.  Avoid Hydrogenated oils.  The phospholipid bi-layer around your cell needs healthy oils like Olive, Flax, Hemp and Coconut to make a proper “doorway” to let nutrients into the cell and waste out.  Without a functioning doorway, westerners are flawed at a fundamental level.  Read “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill” By Udo Radamus

Commercial Toothpaste:

Flouride: Don’t buy into the scam! This chemical is dangerous and can cause thyroid damage, osteoperosis, lower your IQ and increase your risk of cancer.

Your dentist will tell you that it protects against the Cavity Creeps.  Don’t let them brainwash you.  The Flouride scam is held together by a thin story of how it can increase your tooth’s resistance to acid, caused by bacteria by lowering the PH resistance about a point or more.   This means the PH at which you will get cavities will be about 4.5, rather than around 5.5.

Ask yourself two questions: 1) Is this worth the risk putting the same chemical that is the active ingredient in rat poison (developed by the Nazis), into the most absorbable part of your body; your mouth?  And 2, is this treatment really working for anybody?  It just seems like another way doctors are trying to treat symptoms instead of the disease itself. (Source 1. Source 2)

Other Processed Foods:

Synthetic dyes, alcohol, coffee, sodas, processed cookies and cakes, factory farmed food, fast food, imitation food, low-fat and “Natural” flavors. Glycerin can inhibit minerals like calcium re-mineralizing your teeth.

4. Cavity Healing Foods To Eat More Of:

Raw Milk:

Raw milk heals, and not just teeth but many other ailments as well.  If you can get a source of grass-fed raw milk, then go for it! Just take a look at the testimonials over at the Raw Milk Institute. Cooked milk may even be harmful, leading to osteoperosis.

As healing as raw milk is Big Pharma and the “sick care” industry is probably against it. With lots of money to lobby the lawmakers. No wonder family-run  small-time dairies have been raided by SWAT teams with guns, saying, “Hand over the milk!”  Really!  I’m not joking, this has happened to people I know.

Although I cannot access it right now (?), www.realmilk.com is another great resource.

Bone Broth Soup:

Buy organic beef bones to make this healing broth. I spear fish out here in Hawaii.  I know the source and I can harvest the fish sustainably.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  However, if you know of a pure source of fish you feel comfortatble with, make fish head soup in this same fashion: Add onions, garlic, spices and beef bones or fish (whole or head) to the soup and simmer for at least a couple hours.

Bone Broth Soup has the ability to heal leaky gut syndrome, as well as provide vital nutrients from the marrow.  If you are not into eating meat, then just drink the broth.  We make with Barley and add Natto Miso with the Vit. K., or Just plain Miso.

Green Leafy Veggies:

As the report earlier stated, Kale contains the highest amount of “The X-Factor” (Vit. K) to heal your cavities and re-mineralize your teeth!

Grassfed Meats:

Question your source.  Better yet go there and see for yourself where they live and eat.

Calcium Rich Foods (1000 mg./day):

Kale, sardines, soy milk, oranges,   sesame seeds, hard cheese, almonds, salmon, white beans, yogurt, dried figs (be sure to rinse afterwards), turnip greens, arugula, broccoli, tofu, and sunflower seeds are great sources of calcium.


This mineral-rich food from the ocean is extremely alkalizing and nourishing for the body and teeth.  I put strips of Nori and Wakame in my soups, Dulce chopped in salads,   and the ultimate: Kelp on Avocado.

Organic Cheese, Cream and Pasture Butter: 

Personally, I do better with raw cheese, even better with goat. Buy the “Summer Pasture” butter as these cows grazed on grass, rather than grain during the winter months. Again, if you know someone who has cows and milks them, see if you can buy any extra milk.

Organic Raw Chocolate:

What? “Isn’t chocolate this is the biggest culprit of cavities?” The fact is cacao is one the most vitamin and mineral-dense foods on the planet! 

Cacao contains more Magnesium, Iron and Chromium than any other food! 

Magnesium and Chromium are two minerals that Americans are said to be 80% deficient in.  Most people are severely magnesium deficient and may be at risk factor for high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Chocolate is generally acidic so it’s convenient that it is balance with such a powerful Alkalizer such as Magnesium.  Still, I suggest an alkaline rinse after eating chocolate or cacao. Iron is a great blood builder especially for women, another reason many women crave chocolate on their moon cycle. The significant source of chromium can really help with metabolism and energy levels as it regulates blood sugar.  This can be crucial to fat loss.

The Essential Trace Minerals, Copper, Zinc and Manganese:

“Copper can be more important that Iron for building the blood. Zinc is crucial for unlocking the power of Enzymes in your body, catalyzing thousands of metabolic processes beyond simply digesting food.
Manganese works with iron to oxygenate your blood and create Hemoglobin.”        -Excerpt from my eBook, “The Raw Chocolate Diet”.

If you don’t already have a copy, I’d like to offer it you this Free Gift. You will receive a chapter per week in your inbox. With beautiful photographs my book outlines how to eat raw cacao and chocolate for optimal health, including how to cleanse virtually every organ.  Plus there’s great healthy living tips and recipes, plus much more. Get The Raw Chocolate Diet Here

It’s the processed sugar that gives chocolate a bad rap.

White rice has a Glycemic Index of 87 while brown rice has a GI of 50.  So, after eating a cup of white rice, the body breaks it down quickly, creating a blood-sugar spike which is about the same as eating a candy bar.  

Chocolate Macadamia Nuts Product Front Gold Leaf

Organic 72% dark chocolate like Medicinal Foods Chocolate Macnuts” has a GI of under 20!  Be good to your body and choose whole, nutrient-dense foods. Lovers Bars. Can chocolate really be good for your teeth? Loaded with minerals, nutrient dense superfoods and a with a low Glycemic Index, you bet! Still, don’t forget your Alkalizing Rinse!

Cacao Contains Theobromine- 4X more powerful than Fluoride at Preventing Cavities!

How good is cacao for your teeth?  Check out this blog I wrote about how the Theobromine in Cacao has been shown to create a layer of protection 4X thicker than fluoride, according to the studies cited.

dark chocolate remineralizes teeth

If you are going to “bend the rules”, do it at least with something which contains nutrients, rather than being devoid. The “Lovers Bar” is a raw chocolate bar that fits more in line with Dr. Steinman’s protocol we learned about earlier. His studies showed the when sugar was eaten by itself, the parotid hormone-release factor was not secreted so that no signal was given to release the tooth-protective parotid hormone However, when the sugar was eaten with food, the cavity-healing parotid hormone was released and the teeth were protected.

Cacao has more minerals than any food.

I created this line of Superfood Chocolate along my quest for health so I could eat chocolate, with a medicinal boost, nutrient-dense superfood, and feel good about it. From there I started this company Medicinal Foods™.

Our flagship original cacao prodict Cacao Elixir both contain stone-ground nutrient-dense superfoods, mood enhancers, hemp protein, medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs.

Check out the rest of the Medicinal Foods product line here.

The sweetener I use in my Lovers Bar and Truffle Bars is mineral-rich evaporated cane juice from Ecuador.  On our land we harvest sugar cane.  Sugar cane juice, in its natural form is highly mineralized and can actually help re-mineralize teeth.  While regular sugar would hurt my teeth, juice from cane feels fine.  As a concentrated, evaporated form some caution should be advised.  Moderation should be practiced if eating if your teeth are very sensitive or you have more serious cavities.

If you are concerned about your teeth and chocoalate, you can break off a small piece of and suck on it as to avoiding over contact with your teeth. Afterwards you can do an alkalizing wash with your home-made toothpaste.

Another sweetener that I use in the Superfood Chocolate Lovers Bars is honey. Honey is good sweetener because it’s the most enzymatic food,   turns alkaline in the body and is a powerful anti-microbial properties. 

There is an abundance of hydrogen peroxide in honey, especially Manuka honey,   This special honey comes from New Zealand and retains it’s anti-bacterial properties even when diluted up to 50 times– making it a great mouthwash or irrigant.

5. Mineralize and Alkalize Your Water. 

My family and I live off-grid here in Hawaii.  We drink catchment water, which is naturally acidic.  This is similar to reverse-osmosis or distilled water, both of which, lack minerals can actually leach minerals out of your body!  Many of the local children’s teeth rot out at an early age. Those who grew up drinking this mineral-less acid rain water, suffer tooth loss at an alarming rate.

Alkalize and Make your Water Wetter, allowing for better absorption of nutrients!
Alkalize and Make your Water Wetter, allowing for better absorption of nutrients!

By mineralizing and Alkalizing your water you can take a big step in re-mineralizing your teeth, as well as the rest of your body.  I Alkalize my water by using Crystal Energy.  About 9 drops in a glass of water should do the trick.

Rinsing after a meal that contains starch, or sugar is important to re-alkalize.  This could be as simple as a pinch of baking soda in water. I use  Crystal Energy Drops to alkalize my water.

6. Make your own ionic mineral drops:

Make Solé by filling 1/2 a jar with Himilayan Rock Salt or Celtic Crystals and fillling the other 1/2 with pure water.
Here the minerals are in their natural form, just like the ocean.  A much healthier way to eat salt.  Simply sprinkle on your food and add lemon or Lime and spices.  Once you go Solé you’ll never go back to regular hard or powdered salt.

Solé is another great tool that can provide all the essential trace minerals, right where you need them, on your teeth.

7. Make Your Own Toothpaste

Avoid commercial toothpaste. This is a great recipe for Homemade Toothpaste, perhaps you’ll never buy toothpaste again.

If I eat something acidic, like lemon, or just want to alkalize my mouth after a meal I take a dab my home-made toothpaste and swish around for a minute or so.  The salty, mineral-rich toothpaste is great to let sit under the tongue to activate salivation before swishing.  This precedure alone brings healing mineralization to your teeth to heal your cavities and regrow your enamel.

Don’t want to make your own toothpaste? Theodent is cavity healing.
theodent toothpaste

Try dentite
[mps sku=DENTITE-60ML]

8. Soak your Grains

If you must eat grain, make sure it is a whole, organic, non-GMO grain.  It couldn’t hurt to soak them first. Once you get in the practice of soaking them ahead of time, you may never go back. Dr. Price discovered on his travels that all indigenous cultures soaked their grains for days before eating them. The fermentation process helps phytates in break down better.

Don’t worry, if you eat some unsoaked grains it’s not the end of the world.  We are just looking at the ideal formula for healing cavities, re-mineralizing the teeth and regrowing enamel. This article by Dr. Andrew Weil states that although it may be a great idea to soak your grains as virtually all ancient cultures did, prior to cooking, the phytates themselves may have their own health benefits.  Some of these health benefits include anti-inflamatory effects, normalized cell growth and inhibiting proliferation of cancer cells, possibly preventing heart disease and lowering the glycemic spike of food.

However some grains, like Quinoi,   at the very least, should be properly rinsed before consumption. I get a stomach ache when I eat un-rinsed quinoi.  Better yet, pre-soak the quinoi in quality water.  It will expand and hopefully ferment if it’s warm enough. After 1-3 days you will rinse a lot of foam and cloudy water from the grain into a strainer.  Cook or steam with a little water and you will experience the fluffiest, tastiest quinoi ever. The same goes for rice, barley and millet.

Grains can also be soaked in yogurt, buttermilk, or water with lemon juice or vinegar added.  This initial break-down eases digestion and fermentation provides an array of added nutrients and vitamins.

Brushing your your teeth and flossing would probably be a good idea, as well.  It is recommended to brush your teeth before oil puling, as to not strip off the protective coating that the oil has provided.

9.  Practice Oil Pulling

One of the best things you can do for your mouth and overall health is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling.  I have experienced personally as well as witness many friends with tooth infections experience incredible results within days.

Personally, I use Sesame as I have found to be more effective than Coconut.  Plus, it is the authentic oil suggested by Ayurvedic Medicine for oil pulling.  Others can be used like Coconut and Sunflower Oil.  It is recommended to alternate, if you like. I have heard of really good results with sunflower and am going to try that next.

Directions:  Just take a teaspoon in your mouth after tongue scraping and brushing your teeth in the morning.  You will swish in and out of your teeth for 15-20 minutes.  This may take some getting used to, but I have found the time goes fast if I do some yoga or some computer work.

The oil will turn milky white and more liquid as it mixes with your saliva.  Try to see this time as a meditation and keep swishing all parts of your mouth. Send the oil in and out of your teeth.

Plaque, being fat soluble, is more likely to dissolve in the oil, between the teeth, than trying to brush your it off with water.

In fact, some people don’t even brush their teeth and rely solely on nutrition and oil-pulling!  There’s even a story of one man in Texas who showed up with a lifetime of accumulated food in his teeth.   The hygienist removed the layers to reveal a perfect set of teeth, with no cavities!  He never brushed his teeth.  He drank raw milk, instead.

I recommend you stay up with your normal dental hygiene while you experiment with oil pulling.  It can really do wonders for infection.

That’s My Protocol for Regrowing Tooth Enamel and Healing Cavities.

Whew!  Was that too much information?  I hope not.  As I said earlier, even if you only incorporate a small portion of this protocol, you will no doubt be looking and feeling healthier.

My last visit to the dentist, before writing this, resulted in 5 cavities.  Since then, I’ve been doing this program for one month, as of writing this (Aug. 17, 2014).  Already my teeth feel stronger, look shinier and the brown cavities are beginning to fill in!

The spots are getting smaller and seem to have a hard “glazeover them that I can’t poke anymore. When I go back for my checkup in 4 months I will update my results here.

I wish you happy, healthy healing.  May your teeth out-live you!

Sky Kubby Holistic Hacker

This post is sponsored by Medicinal Foods,
“The Ancient Future of Food”.

Head over to our social media pages below and show us some Love.  Also check out our line of Superfoods, Medicinal Mushroom and Tonic Herbs to boost you on your healing journey found in this site.
















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