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Eco Car Powered By Air

The Next Wave of Eco Cars

Our link to environmental quality is undeniable, and people are becoming more and more aware of that link every day. This pervasive awareness is leading to creative solutions coming from some of the most brilliant engineering departments in the world. You may have heard about the ELF eco car, an alternative type of auto that allows you to ride it like a bicycle and drive it like a car. The Elf eco car runs on electric power. However, inventors have not stopped with the Elf eco car. Get ready now for the amazing Airpod!

Eco Cars Are The Next Solution To Global Warming!

Check out the Airpod:

A Airpod is a small futuristic eco car that runs on air. Tata motors, (no, not Tesla, ) the largest Indian automobile manufacturer has teamed up with MDI– an engineering company that’s been developing zero pollution engines since the early 90’s. Gas is continuing to rise internationally, and fuel acquisition is becoming more and more draining on the environment. Our environment needs a solution. The Airpod has a 175 liter storage tank of compressed air that the operator refills with an external pump or with an electric motor that has the capabilities to refuel the eco car while it’s in motion. A full tank lasts more than 125 miles and only takes 2 minutes to fill. The average price for a full tank? Just $1.28.

How can this eco car run on compressed air?

Let’s just imagine a balloon inflating. The elasticity of the rubber skin keeps the air enclosed within the balloon structure. If you were to prick that surface with a pin, however, the air quickly expands outward– which is the energy of the compressed air becoming a burst of useable kinetic energy. It’s just basic physics. It may sound dangerous for an eco car to carry concentrated kinetic energy. However the construction of the tanks allows for a great measure of safety– they’re made out of carbon fiber. IF the eco car crashes, the design allows air release in a controlled and completely safe manner. The Airpod eco car is in its second phase of testing and is one of five models that MDI is currently developing. This eco car may not be as energy efficient as a lithium battery-powered car, but its low production cost will make it attractive to people looking for a new car.  People are really interested and think it’s an electric car.  The Airpod gaining traction and attention from interested consumers.  This air powered vehicle may just be the first of it’s kind to actually make it to the marketplace.



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