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Cucumber Health Benefits: Be As Cool As A Cucumber!

cucumber health benefitsCucumbers are amazingly delicious…but did you know that they have multiple health benefits as well? We have taken a moment to compile the top 10 cucumber health benefits!

The Top 10 Cucumber Health Benefits

1. Detox

Detoxing is a great thing for us to stay healthy and purge those free radicals! Cucumbers are loaded vitamins K, C, A and B plus tons of minerals that are healing to the entire body, making it an ideal food to include as part of a detox!

Cleanse your kidneys by blending up a few cucumbers and fasting for part of the day on cucumber juice.

2. Energy-booster

You don’t need another cup of coffee, really.  One of the best cucumber health benefits is that these wonderful veggies contain vitamin B, which gives you an energy boost!

3. Weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, one of the amazing cucumber health benefits is that it’s a superb diet food. Cucumbers are about 97% water, have a ton of fiber, and just ¾ of a cup has approximately 11 calories. Water and fiber help keep you full, so cucumbers are a perfect diet snack.

4. Hydration

Cucumbers are 95% water! Dehydration is something that we’re all constantly combating. The Mayo Clinic says that being dehydrated can cause headaches and dry skin as well as (in more serious cases) lead to unconsciousness, low blood pressure, and a rapid heartbeat. It’s always a good idea to drink your share of water daily, but one of the best cucumber health benefits is their high water content– it may help you stay hydrated and give you options other than a glass of H2O.

If you’re feeling over heated, eat some cucumbers and you’ll be feeling as cool as a cucumber!

5. Cancer fighter

One of the many cucumber health benefits that we love is that this vegetable contains three types of lignans– these are chemical compounds that have been shown to help combat several types of cancer like prostate, breast cancer, and uterine. Cukes are also rich in vitamin C– known to fight those damaging free radicals and furthering its anti-cancer properties.

6. Better bone, tissue and blood health

Leave the skin on! This cucumber health benefit requires that you choose organic cukes. The peel of a cucumber is super rich in vitamin k– preventing blood clotting, promoting tissue health, and it even works to strengthen bones. Better tissue health translates to improved joint condition– making them good for fighting degenerative joint conditions like arthritis.

7. Lowers blood pressure

You think that bananas are the only source of potassium? No way! One of our favorite cucumber health benefits is that they contain potassium too, which is known to maintain and improve blood pressure levels.

8. Better heart health

Cucumber health benefit number eight is that cukes help regulate electrolytes (yet another nod to the potassium content) and this is a very important component of keeping the heart’s electrical activity on track.

9. Improved eye health

We’re almost at the end but our 9th favorite cucumber health benefit is that the peel of a cucumber contains beta-carotene, which, time and time again has been proven to be beneficial to eye health.

10. Great in tons of recipes

Our favorite cucumber health benefit of all time? Yes! It’s great in recipes! Assuming the recipe is a healthy one, this does count since it contributes to overall health.




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