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Good Health Tips That Healthy People Forget

good health tipsChanging habits is hard. It’s definitely a learning process and requires a lot of patience. As part of that process, we try to replace former bad habits with healthier choices, but in doing so, we can make mistakes. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to make healthy changes in their life. (Along with several good health tips that you can utilize!)


Putting Supplements As A Priority.


The basic foundation of any healthful lifestyle should be the foods you eat. Supplements are not there to replace your diet. These additions are great when you are truly lacking something from your diet, but it should only be used for deficiencies. Always purchase quality supplements from a trusted dealer (like Medicinal-Foods!) and make sure to eat plenty of nutritious food!


  • Organic Junk Food Is Still Junk Food.


81 independent organic processing companies existed in 1995– when the organic movement got started. Today, however, the number has dropped down to 15. The remaining 66 have been taken over by subsidiaries of processed food companies like PepsiCo. Just keep in mind that even organic Cheetos are still junk food.


  • Dining Out Too Frequently


Eating out is convenient, a luxury, and a great social situation. But sometimes, it’s also habit-forming. A recent Gallup poll claims that 8 out of 10 Americans eat out at a fast food restaurant at least once a month, with almost 50% of respondents admitting they eat out at least once a week. Cooking meals at home not only is generally healthier, but gives you more control over your food.


  • Too Much Sugar!


Sugar is terrible for the body in a number of ways- it wipes out the body’s natural immune system responses and should be used sparingly in your diet. Eve the best sources are hard on our bodies. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid any refined sugars at all cost. Giving up sweeteners like honey, agave, or even brown rice syrup may help clear up or improve symptoms within a week.


  • Relying On Juice As A Staple


Juicing has an amazing series of benefits while detoxifying, it shouldn’t be a replacement for eating whole foods. Blood sugar absorption slows down when you eat fiber-rich foods…and sometimes, too much sugar will disrupt the natural blood sugar levels that exist in your body. Reserve the juicing for cleanses and fasting and make sure you include a vegetable rich program!

  • Not Eating Enough Plant-Based Foods


To make the most of your health, incorporate as many fresh, raw, and organic fruits and veggies as possible. This is the sure-fire way to reach optimal health. To experience full, radiant health, approximately 80% of your diet should be raw produce. Eating more fruits and veggies daily will help provide your body the complete dietary needs it requires.



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