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Urban Foraging For Edible Plants

urban foraging


 What is Urban Foraging?

Urban foraging for edible plants is becoming more and more widespread in urban epicenters around the country. This practice is exactly what it sounds like– foraging for wild edibles in the urban landscape. As it turns out, there is a ton of edible plants that have medicinal value that are easily procured through urban foraging. There are now even websites that show you exactly where all the good urban foraging is!

How To find Wild Edibles

Falling Fruit is a website that is a resource for finding food while urban foraging. It specifically tracks wild edibles in public urban areas. Sites like these map out free sources of edible plants that would most likely otherwise go to waste…all for your urban foraging adventures!

Falling Fruit is a non-profit ran by a team of dedicated volunteers. It works a little like wikipedia– anyone can add  location to your map. Not only does the site map it out for you, but they also work hard to connect you with organizations that have abundant harvest to distribute the edible plants to those who need it.

Urban Foraging Resources

Urban Edibles is another non-profit that provides a mapping service for wild edibles and medicinal plants, with a focus on the Portland, Oregon area. You can search the website based on location, or the type of edible plants you are looking for. With a positive plant identification, you can also add new locations of wild edibles growing in the region. The site also provides sections providing ways to prepare your urban foraging goodies!



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