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Del Bigtree’s: “Top 10 Reasons I don’t have Corona-Phobia”

Been looking for some good reasons to not fear so much and feel a little better?

Every person’s experience will be different concerning any events that take place in this world matrix.

Del Bigtree is not afraid, and he gives his reasons why he thinks you shouldn’t be either:

10) The Initial Model (Imperial Model) was Wrong (1:13)
09) Lockdown Failed, Started Too Late (4:30)
08) Nursing Home Neglect (8:02)
07) Social Distancing Unscientific (10:18)
06) Masks Are A Joke (11:53)
05) Blocked Effective Treatments (16:17)
04) Doctors Screwed Up (26:01)
03) …
02) ..
01) .

Are you finding yourself doubting the severity of the virus? Are you one of the ones who have been cured of the phobia? Do you think HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE really works?

Either way, it’s always a good idea to keep your immune system its strongest at all times, virus or no virus.

Something is happening on the planet, whether it’s a pandemic or a plan-demic.

So regardless, be fortified and be prepared:

Fortify your immune system with Immune Boosting Supplements

And strenthen lungs and oxygenation in the body with Reishi Mushroom and Cordyceps Mushroom

Oxygen and exercise are crucial for mantaining optimal health.

And remember, always follow the "official narrative" 😉

But now it is official! The CDC released an official mortality rate of 0.26% and Del Bigtree makes many cases why Lockdowns Should End Immediately

Featuring Jefferey Jaxen, Dr. Peter Beggin, MD, Dr. James Neuenschwander, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The official numbers now released by the CDC show that the flu has a higher mortality rate than this "new" virus.

Also, Paula Connor says "…fear is far more powerful than any flu bug could be…"

What are your thoughts, do you agree or disagree?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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