5 Ways to Add Raw Cacao to your Diet

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We eat Raw Cacao Powder and here’s why you should too

Raw Cacao Powder
Raw Cacao Powder is made in a lengthy but all natural process by Chocolate Artisans.

Raw cacao powder is one of our biggest love affairs here, not only for its wonderful, rich taste, but for all of its amazing health benefits, so many to list, such as how it can help to decalcify your pineal gland.

We eat raw cacao every day, up to 40 grams. Each person is different and can tolerate a different amount of cacao. It is a potent, medicinal food, that should be respected and enjoyed.

When we talk about chocolate at Medicinal Foods, it’s probably not what most people think about. The word chocolate usually conjures images of sugary sweet confections, cakes candies that can be very unhealthy and acid causing in the body.

When we talk about chocolate at Medicinal Foods, we are going to the source, to the pure, organic, raw, cacao, the natural part that all those chocolates are made from, the basic component that comes directly from the earth, before undergoing all the processing and additives, sweeteners, milk, texturizes, emulsifiers, and conservatives alike.

You can incorporate Raw Cacao into your Nutritional Plan. Here are 5 delicious ways:

how we have for you to get more chocolate into your diet– without the guilt!

  1. Puddings
  2. Sprinkled Over Fruit
  3. Granola Bars
  4. Fudge And Brownies
  5. Amaze-Balls (Healthier Truffles!)
  6. Bonus! Raw Cacao Elixir or other all-natural Medicinal Foods Products

Who wants to go without chocolate every single day? No one. I can’t remember the last time I went an entire day without consuming raw cacao! Whether it’s in a smoothie, or the raw cacao powder I sprinkle over frozen banana slices for a sweet mid-day snack, cacao is making its way into my system one way or another. Bit of an addict here, but it’s not a health concern as long as you consume it the healthy way!

At Medicinal-Foods, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the health benefits of raw cacao.

It’s packed with amazing antioxidants. These combat free radicals- the chemicals in our environment that accelerate aging, inflammation and increase the potential for a range of chronic diseases. It’s been prove that eating even just a little bit of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Raw cacao can even improve blood pressure, as well as blood vessel health…and even improve your HDL cholesterol. Sure, there’s plenty of studies hailing the facts behind how great cocoa is, but that doesn’t mean you should start eating 5 candy bars a day. The benefits from cacao are often from the unrefined version…and these benefits are often outweighed by the fats and refined sugars that we add to raw cacao during the manufacturing process.

So let’s remove the guesswork! Instead of doing all that work, here are some healthy ways to add raw cacao powder into your diet.

1. Puddings

Raw ChocolateWho ever told you that you can’t have chocolate pudding for breakfast?! You can. Here’s an

amazing recipe for Chocolate Chia Tapioca Pudding:

Chia is the Mayan word for strength. Chia is incredibly hydrating for your colon, capable of expanding 14x its size, together with the omega 3 oils and antioxidants, it can really beautify your skin! Also, Chia is pure protein power!

Here’s how:

Soak a ratio of 1/3 cup of chia per 1 cup of water. Scale up proportions as desired. Stir.

Put half the contents in a Vita Mix or Nutri-Bullet and add:

1/2 of a Lover’s Bar

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tsp Vanilla

dash of Himalayan Sea Salt

pinch of Cinnamon, Cardamom & Clove

1-3 tbsp of honey, sweeten to taste.

Blend thoroughly, several cycles of 7-10 seconds until smooth.

Pour contents of blender into a bowl. Add the unblended portion of the soaked Chia on TOP of the pudding. Stir.

Garnish with Lover’s bar chocolate shavings.

Put into the fridge to gel up.

Candida Sensitive Variations:

1) Cacao powder, no chocolate, with coconut oil and Stevia (fat free and no sugar)

2) Cacao powder, no coconut oil, honey sweetened (allowing for better absorption of sugar without the presence of fat.)

3) Cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut oil, and Stevia (fat without the presence of sugar.)

— high in protein, low in calories and sugars. This pudding will keep you feeling full until lunch while also giving you all of the

amazing benefits of raw cacao powder.

2. Sprinkled Over Fruit

One of the best things ever is a cup of frozen banana slices with raw cacao powder

sprinkled over the top. This places it somewhere between a chocolate-covered banana

and a cold banana truffle, it’s one of my best ideas for satisfying a sweet craving. You

can take this snack a step further by adding the frozen slices to a food processor or

blender and blending until smooth for a vegan chocolate ice cream!

3. Granola Bars

Granola is super easy to make– it may surprise you! There’s a million recipes out there,

however, the simplest and healthiest that I’ve found is a recipe for a five ingredient

granola bar. Just add in your raw cacao to the mix, adjust the moist ingredients ever so

slightly to make sure your mix isn’t too dry. You can also add raw cacao nibs to your

granola bar mixture. Raw cacao nibs are just cocoa powder before the cocoa has been

ground down. It provides the same health benefits and adds just a little crunch by using

the nibs instead of the powder.

4. Fudge And Brownies

Healthy fudge and brownies?! Heck yeah! Ones that provide all the benefits of raw

cacao powder without adding in all of the unhealthy stuff that’s usually in these baked

goodies? Even better.

Try this fantastic recipe for The Best Vegan Black Bean Brownies– these boast having

more protein than an egg per serving.

5. Amaze-Balls (Healthier Truffles!)

I do not know a single person who does not love a cocoa powder covered truffle.

Generally, these truffles are made with dates, figs, or nut butter and have coconut and

other goodies mixed in. They’re then finished off with a roll in cocoa powder. Yum!

These Raw Cacao Amaze Balls incorporate raw cacao powder to supercharge your

sweet craving!

This should give you a good start on using raw cacao powder. And if you’re not completely famished by now, you’re a stronger person than I!

6. Medicinal Foods Healthy Raw Cacao Products

Not in the mood or don’t have time for baking or preparing any of the above. We’ve got you covered with our delicious, highest quality line of Raw, Organic superfoods made with our proprietary Shaman’s Blend, which we believe is the best superfood powder on this good earth. Take a gander in our Superfoods Shop or dash right to any of these crowd favorites:

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