Awesome Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms



Reishi Mushrooms are an amazing medicinal mushroom to help you towards ultimate wellness! It has several

benefits that can boost your health and help you feel the best you can.

Let’s go over some of the awesome benefits

Reishi is an amazing immune system booster!

It significantly improves the functioning of the immune system– whether your immune system is deficient or

excessive, it’s is a superb immune modulator. It contains unique, rare polysaccharides– proven to increase the

RNA and DNA in bone marrow…which is where the body makes B cells. Studies have shown that it promotes both B

and T cell production. These are specialized cells that are a critical part of your immune system.

Reishi promotes liver health!

Research shows that Reishi helps regenerate the liver. The powerful compounds that are contained in wild reishi

helps accelerate the clearance of drugs and chemicals that the liver stores– relieving free radical activity and

promoting cell regeneration. This powerful mushroom helps to promote the production of bile and fatty acid synthesis…which promotes

faster detoxification of the liver.

Reishi helps combat chronic hepatitis!

It contains a special compound, gandosterone, which has strong anti-hepatotoxic activity and promotes rapid

cell recovery. This is particularly useful for people battling chronic hepatitis– a disease that slowly erodes people’s

health and often leads to premature death.

Reishi is a cancer fighting mushroom!

Reishi has been approved for treatment with some kinds of cancer in Japan and has been used safely and

effectively as treatment for those cancers for awhile. Often used in cojunction with other drugs or radiation, it’s been

demonstrated that Reishi can help reduce side effects of radiation therapy and simultaneously contributes to the

rebuilding the immune system.

Reishi has depression fighting properties!

Well known for its calming and mood-boosting properties, Reishi is a world-class herb to use for treatment of

depression. Impaired liver function, poor nutrition, and infection are all often root causes of depression, anxiety, and

irritability…Reishi can help treat this!

Reishi is a powerful Anti-histamine!

Research coming from Japan has demonstrated that reishi is a powerful anti-histamine, making it useful for allergies–

including food and drug allergies, anaphylactic shock, atopic dermatitis, hay fever, and hives.

Where is your Reishi from?

Where you get your Reishi is so important. A ton of Reishi currently on the market is commercially grown, solvent

extracted…and can even be the wrong species. You will not get the same benefits talked about above from poor

quality Reishi.

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