Best Spiced Cacao Elixir Recipe

Cacao Elixir With Mexican Spice Organic Hot Chocolate Superfood

My Recipe for Spiced Hot Cocoa-Coffee-Tea!

By @white_waveyoga2024

Spice up mornings with a healthy, organic, pick-me-up? This recipe really mixes it up with a unique blend of savory flavors. Your tastebuds will love it, and the whole body too when it's flowing with goodness and wellness.

  1. A generously heaping amount of #CacaoElixir,
  2. A nice amount of #CoffeeBreak
  3. An intuitive amount of Organic Corriander
  4. A good whiff's worth of Organic Cinnamon
  5. A delicate amount of Organic Cayenne
  6. An essence of Organic Smokey Paparika
  7. Add hot water 2/3rds the way
  8. Slow 4 count of Organic Maple Syrup
  9. And I top off with favorite non-dairy milk! I use unsweetened #Milkadamia milk.???

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