Chocolate Smoothies and Superfood Elixir Recipes

Time to spruce up your Elixir Bar! Enjoy these Hydrating Elixirs and Superfood Smoothies in your own home.

Many of these creations begin with simple tea bases outlined in This Chapter.
"Start your morning off right with warm liquids!""

Below is a link to my chapter on Delicious Nutrient Dense Smoothies and elixirs that you can make from home.  These smoothies and elixirs are incredibly healthy super foods that increase energy, metabolism and help cleanse your body of toxins.

Included Elixir Recipes:

delicious pink superfood smoothie elixir
Tasty and nutritious smoothie.
  1. Tea Bases
  2. Cacao Elixir™ Raw Chocolate Powder
  3. Make Your Own Nut and Seed Milk
  4. Berry-Hemp Cream Shake
  5. Probiotic Kefir
  6. Dran-Gan Frappé
  7. Create Your Own List
  8. Jenn's Famous FRAWstie
  9. Reishi Maca-chino
  10. Maca - Blueberry "Shazam!"

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