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4 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Calling all chocoholics! Your addiction can actually be a healthy benefit to save your life! In a recent study researchers found individuals who consumed the highest levels of chocolate had a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduction in stroke compared to those with lower… more »

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Healthy Raw Chocolate Recipe

Enjoy a healthy raw dessert full of flavor and satisfaction by indulging in this delicious raw chocolate recipe. Be sure to mix in Cacao Elixir to give you great energy for the rest of your day! This raw chocolate recipe is courtesy of The Rawtarian, providing you a simple and delicious way to… more »

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The Delicious Perks of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of those sweets that we just can’t seem to stay away from no matter how strict we are with our diets. But if you feel like you need to give up chocolate just to be healthy and lose weight, don’t despair: you don’t have to give it all up! If we’re talking milk chocolate we… more »

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Chocolate Aphrodisiac: Delicious and Beneficial!

Raw chocolate has an amazing reputation as an aphrodisiac, and it’s deeply embedded into the history of Western civilization. Ancient Mayan culture placed a great deal of value on chocolate and used cacao beans as currency. The Spanish Conquistadors introduced chocolate to Europe not as an… more »

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5 Ways to Add Raw Cacao to your Diet

Top 5 Ways To Add Raw Cacao Powder to Your Diet We obviously love raw cacao here and all of the amazing health benefits you can receive from incorporating raw cacao into your nutritional plan. Here’s the top 5 delicious ways we have for you to get more chocolate into your diet– without the… more »