Macadamia Nuts For Amazing Health!

Macnuts and Oil

Sky Kubby here, founder of Medicinal Foods.  I’m pleased to share the amazing benefits of what I believe is one of the most delicious foods on Earth. Read on and be amazed with me as we discover all these thing that the might mac can help you do:

Eat the perfect ratio of EFA’s, just like your ancestors ate.

Macadamia Nuts boast the highest amount of monounsaturated (Oleic Acid) of any other nut. Our Ancient Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors ate an equal balance (1:1) of Omega-6 to Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).
Macadamia nuts are the best source EFA’s that contain this perfect 1:1 ratio. Todays consumption of processed foods and grain-fed animals has led to an imbalanced ration of up to 20:1!

These healthy monounsaturated fats are good for the heart and also help the body with inflammation, which is the root cause of many diseases today.

Strengthen Your Bones

Macadamia nuts are high in manganese, phosphorous and calcium for strong bones. Kidney health is important a well fro strong bones, Besides helping to deposit bone tissue, manganese also helps with renal health in repairing the kidneys.

Loose Weight

Macadamia Nuts can actually help you loose weight.  Packed with, fiber, lignans special pectins, gums and amylcellulose macnuts can curb you appetite.  The good fats seem have the ability to “scrub” the bad fats from the body. A University of Hawaii study showed Macnuts ability to actually lower bad cholesterol. The palmitoleic acid appears to be able to speed up your metabolism by exhibiting “… hormone-like properties and improves some metabolic parameters that are impaired in obesity…” Studies show that the palmatoleic acid, or Omega 7, can help with insulin and glucose sensitivities in people with type 2 diabetes.

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Boost Your Brain

Macnuts are high in Thiamine, essential for powering your brain.  Thiamine is essential for creating energy, as well as supporting nerves and creating neurotransmitters. Thiamine is converted into an enzyme which must be present to turn on three brain-related enzymes. These enzymes are used to build the myelin sheath- the superhighway upon which thought impulses travel. The thing is your body doesn’t store this stuff up, like fat, you need a constant supply of Thiamine in your diet. Two of the Thiamine-dependent enzymes create the neurotransmitters acetylcholine which is lacking in alcoholics.

Have Better Digestion

The key to prevention is good digestion, according to an ancient Chinese proverb. The copper in macnuts work like Iron in your blood to assist in proper Enzyme Production. Enzymes are important for many metabolic functions. Digestion is one of the last functions of enzymes, but perhaps one of the most important.  That said, you can overdo it with anything.  Be sure to chew your macnuts thoroughly! If you have problems digesting nuts due to the pieces getting stuck in your colon, then consider macadamia nut butter.

Fight Cancer!

One of my favorite things about macnuts- besides eating them, of course, is that they contain cancer-fighting properties. So I’ll elaborate on this section. Back when I first moved to Hawaii I fell in love with local raw macnuts and began chocolate covering them for the sake of what I thought has got to be one fo the ultimate yummy treats.  Unbeknownst to me 15 years ago, it turns out macnuts fight cancer!

The truth about Laetrile, “Vitamin” B-17 and Nitrilocides.

These are three different terms used to describe a substance that has been shown to fight cancer. Health Guru David Wolf told me that Macnuts are packed in Laetrile, or B-17, not exactly a vitamin but a “Nitriloside”.  It turns out Laetrile cancer-fighting laetrile is an extract of the nitrilocides   Our love of Macadamia Nut and macnut butter went back almost 2 decades when I was first homesteading my 6-acres tropical fruit tree sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii.

David and I sat in my Jungle homestead (a screened in carport), which is now our “Roots” garden bed. We feasted gourmet raw macadamia nut butter, so liquid we could drink the stuff.

We felt like Kings in possession of this 5 gallons of macnut butter, a “bucket of gold” and fantasized about someday putting this precious butter in a chocolate truffle.  Later I would present him with such a truffle, which I now make and share them with the world.

Years later, when David told me about Laetrile, he could’t say anything about its ability to kill cancer, because that would be illegal.  He simply encouraged me to research it for myself.  What I found was staggering:

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Butter Filled Raw Chocolate Truffle Bars

The Physician who “Rediscovered” this substance in 1920 in California was Ernest Krebs. He found a link between the 100%  lack of cancer in the native Eskimo, Hopi, Navajo, Abkhazian and people of the Hunza Land and their consumption of Laetrile-rich diet.    In fact, the Hunzakuts consume about 200-times more  of these Nitrilocides.

Later, it was is son Dr. Ernest Krebs, Jr., who named it “Laetrile”.  This substance is abundant in apricot kernels and they were so esteemed that wealth in the Hunza Land was regarded by how many Apricot trees you had, while the most valuable possession was Apricot kernels, comprised of about 2% Laetrile. As it turns out “Laetrile is actually the laboratory name give to the substance extracted from these nuts rich in Nitriloside”.

Macnuts It was common for a Hunzakut to be know to snack on up to 3o-50 apricot kernels per day.  These kernels are found to be one of the highest Nitriloside – containing foods.  Macadamia Nuts are another, however much tastier, without the bitterness of apricot kernels.

It appears the Cyanide contained in the Laetrile can target the cancer cells.  Organic Cyanide is relatively harmless. Whereas inorganic Cyanide, as we know, can be deadly.  It seems that the organic cyanide locked up within the Laetrile has the ability to be broken down and release only to the cancer cells.

Macnuts in the ShellThis trait appears to come from an enzyme that unlocks the B-17 into Cyanide and Benzaldehyde, which together are 100-X more poisonous then they are by themselves.  Since the unlocking enzyme is only found in the cancer cell, then these substance target and are poisonous only the cancer.

And there is a protective mechanism put into place by another enzyme, Rhodenese, which neutralizes cyanide and breaks it down into beneficial nutrients for health. This enzyme is located everywhere in the body, except the cancer cells.  Also, abundant in fresh fruit, there is enough for example in an apple, to deactivate the cyanide in apple seeds.

You can watch a great video on Laetrile, B-17 over at: //

*Note:  While caught early enough this treatment may be helpful, however there is a lot of misinformation out there trying to discredit Laetrile as a cancer treatment in cases where it was caught too late.   However, after examining the evidence over at Cancer Defeated,  it appears to be shown that Laetrile can be preventative by targeting cancer cells: you decide for yourself!

Here’s some of what they have to say about Laetrile over at Cancer Defeated:

Their studies showed that a sufficient intake of Laetrile (or hydrocyanic acid in its natural form) was selectively toxic to cancer cells.
In the early 70s, Loyola University biologist Dr. Harold Manner ran a study on mice using a combination of enzymes, vitamin A and Laetrile. As reported in his book, Death of Cancer 2 ,
“After 6-8 days, an ulceration appeared at the tumor site. Within the ulceration was a pus-like fluid. An examination of this fluid revealed dead malignant cells. The tumor gradually underwent complete regression in 75 of the experimental animals. This represented 89.3% of the total group.” Vitamin B17 is one “smart” vitamin!”

Take a look over at as well : //

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