Healing Medicinal Herb Tonics

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  • Spirit Tonic Anxiety Relief Calming Herbs Super

    LOTUS CENTERED SPIRIT TONIC Organic Calming Medicinal Herbs Powder (100g)

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  • Sale! Yin Womb Herbal Love Tonic Aphrodisiac Powder Super

    WOMB YIN NUTRITIVE LOVE TONIC Women’s Hormone Balancing Herbal Tonic, Raw Vegan Superfood Powder (100g)

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  • Chi Herbal Tonic Powder Chinese Medicine Super

    CHI TONIC Wild-Crafted TCM Energy Herbs Blend (100g)

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  • herbal coffee substitute superfood caffeine-free natural energy drink

    COFFEE BREAK Caffeine-Free Chicory Coffee Substitute with Chaga, Reishi & Maca

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  • candida fighting vitae elixxir amazing healing drops

    Vitae Elixxir Herbal Extract

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Herbal tonics made from choice superfoods to give your body a healthy boost. Medicinal Foods™ for better performance and well-being.