Sacha Stone shares how to PROTECT yourself against 5G, CLAIM your sovereignty, STOP paying Income tax, EXPRESS your highest potential and so much more in this interview.

Is there difference between 4g and 5g? What is the 5g frequency? And what are 5g towers?

I found out about what's going on behind the scenes in America and how they're beginning to censor alternative media outlets like myself through the use of technology.

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I was able to prove that they are in fact using cell phone towers in the sky to track peoples movements and block their connections to alternative news sites like mine.

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People need to be aware of how they could die because of this. I would like everyone to know that it is wrong for the government to just hide this information and keep it from people who don't understand what's going on with their own cell phones or towers . This isn't right.

Governments are no longer acting in favor of the people, its the other way around. They should give us all fair warning about our safety, but instead they lie and make up false reports only to suit themselves.

The truth is that any change in weather patterns has come directly after 5g testing began in different areas; these changes are not man made (or at least there hasn't been enough proof to say they are). The weather has been changing for a while now, and anything that is different from what we have experienced before would be seen as unusual.

Weather changes are because of the 5g towers

I don't know why people aren't more concerned about this, but I do know that there's many good people out there, ones who want to think the best even when they aren't receiving all of the information. There are too many smart people who can put two and two together and overcome whatever it is we're going through or will go through in the future.

I've worked my entire life helping people with health issues, showing them how to cure or at least help themselves overcome depression, fatigue etc. I've shown people how they can heal themselves through nutrition and I've saved lives.

My warning to you today is that we must fight for freedom, we must stop allowing these banks and these corporations to control us any longer! We cannot allow them to use high technology, military grade weapons against us any longer.

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Filmed backstage at the 2019 Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura, CA.

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