Creating a Sacred Space

Every new moon and full moon a group of goddesses get together for a Goddess Moon Circle in Los Angeles, California. They talk about intentions they want to set, new energies and visions they want to bring forth into their lives and create a sacred ritualistic experience for each other. The last moon circle was incredibly powerful because the women discussed the importance of having a sacred space practice to keep themselves nourished, supported and aligned with their visions.

Goddess Moon Circle
Women gather for Goddess Moon Circle in Los Angeles at Life Food Organic

Host and Founder of the Goddess Moon Circle Vaidehi Amair focused the discussion on the important of Sacred Space and began an intimate #sacredspace movement amongst the circle. The conversation was about finding a sacred space within oneself no matter the chaos that might be going on externally. Rather than exploding and feeling stressed out, one can go within and find that sacred space. Each woman discussed what their sacred space is for them and what sacred space practice they can do on the daily to maintain that inner world.

Sound Healer Joelle Nañawa plays her gong at the Goddess Moon Circle
Sound Healer Joelle Nañawa plays her gong at the Goddess Moon Circle

For some of the women, their sacred space practice is to journal every morning. This is a great way to process and digest emotions, dreams, feelings, thoughts and even ideas. A daily journal practice can be incredibly powerful and helpful in keeping mental chatter at bay and creating action steps for one’s visions. For other women, their sacred space practice is to dance or engage in some sort of physical activity. Moving your body, raising your body awareness, honoring its needs and circulating the blood flow helps to keep a flexible, active and healthy temple space that is able to flow and adapt to change. The way you maintain your body is the way you walk through life.

Sacred Space Altar created at Goddess Moon Circle
Sacred Space Altar created at Goddess Moon Circle

After having identified what their sacred space practice is, (we encourage you to do the same and find a buddy) they began an accountability practice with a partner. They first agree to how many days they want to practice, 21 days being the suggested amount of time, and then each person texts their partner #sacredspace when their daily sacred space practice is complete. Your partner holds you accountable towards your practice and reminds you to do your chosen daily practice if they haven’t heard from you. If inspired, each sacred space practitioner posts a photo of whatever they created or a moment from their practice and hashtag #sacredspace and #goddessmooncircle to let their supportive community in on their practice.

Vaidehi Amair, is hostess and founder of the Goddess Moon Circle chooses Medicinal-Foods™ products as a part of her daily sacred space practice because of the high quality ingredients.

"Medicinal Foods is amazing because it is transitioning people from pills to tonics and herbal blends that can be thrown into smoothies, elixirs and other yummy recipes."

"Every day, I make myself a powerful yummy blend, whether cold or hot, with the Living Greens, Cacao Elixir and Reishi Mushroom. This is her sacred space practice and it keeps her healthy, nourished and alive!"

-Vaidehi Amair

In this particular case, I wanted to share with you the #sacredspace practice of making something that is healthy and nourishing for your body on a daily basis. Whether it be a full meal, an elixir or tea, it is important to nourish yourself with high quality nutrients that help maintain whatever aspect of your body you are working to balance or restore.

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