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1 – 5lb unit of Cacao Elixir Superfood Mix


Contains Superfoods, Tonic Medicinal Herbs, Mood Enhancers and Hemp Protein.

Experience Cacao Elixir!

A raw chocolate superfood mix to BOOST you on your quest for health!

A MUST-HAVE for chocolate lovers and cacao connoisseurs seeking a lifestyle of wellness and deep nourishment!

This tasty raw cacao mix can be blended as a superfood smoothie or to make a nutrient-dense hot chocolate, oatmeal or even ice cream.

 Cacao Elixir Benefits:

  • A morning Cacao Elixir can give you great energy for your day!
  • Loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, mood enhancers and plant protein, you can really feel it!
  • Can replace coffee, or mix together to make a cold or hot Mocha
  • Can be used as a meal replacement to begin dropping pounds of unwanted colon matter!
  • Curbs appetite, used to help weight loss!


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