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Gel Ice Pack X1 (6oz.) for Superfood Chocolate


Purchase these Gel Ice Packs, along with your order of Superfood Dark Chocolate Lovers Bars and Truffle Bars to keep them from melting. To ensure you enjoy the most delicious, melt on your tongue, not in the box superfood chocolate, go for the Gel Ice Pac!

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Gel Ice Packs for Superfood Chocolate

During warm summer months temperatures can go over 80 degrees and potential melt or bloom may occur.

Use Gel Ice Packs to Cool Your Chocolate Order:

*** Additional Gel Ice Packs may be required for more items shipped.  We are not responsible for melted chocolate so please order extra gel packs if you live in a hot environment.

For Purchase With:

Medicinal Foods Decadent Superfood Chocolate Truffle Bars, packed with Superfoods, Aphrodisiacs, Mood Enhancers, Medicinal Mushroom Mycelium and Hemp Protien, there’s a lot of Love put into these decadent Superfood Chocolate Truffle Bars!

Also try a Lovers Bar. Experience the feeling and alertness that comes with just one bite!

Enjoy your Medicinal-Foods  mood enhancing superfood chocolate!

Sky Kubby Founder, CEO

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