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Raw, Vegan Organic: A perfect blend of Hemp Extract and Nutrient Dense, Delicious Superfoods

Chocolate is the perfect carrier for Hemp Extract since it naturally contains Anandamide, known as the “Bliss” chemical, a neurotransmitter that binds to the same receptor sites of the brain as Hemp Extract.

Our bodies naturally create Anandamide which is known as an endo-cannabinoid, or “inner” cannabinoid.

The interest in cannabinol (Hemp Extract) continuous to grow as more medical and therapeutical uses are discovered.

Our Hemp Extract source is organic, hemp-derived and contains 0% THC.

Each Hemp Extract Bar contains 72mg. of organic Hemp Extract.



Why are so many chocolate fans turning to Medicinal Foods as their favorite source of raw chocolate? It’s all about the the tasteand the feeling!

Dark Superfood Raw Chocolate packed with nutrient-dense Superfoods, Superherbs, Aphrodisiacs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Hemp Protein and Mood Enhancers.

This is not your ordinary Superfood Chocolate Bar!  Experience the feeling and alertness that comes with just one bite…

Ancient Cacao Shamans

traveled between villages combining local plant medicines and herbs into their traditional ceremonial brews. Mucuna, with the highest plant levels of L-DOPA (15%), precursor to Dopamine,  was used as an anti-stimulant, along with superfoods like Lucuma and Maca to compliment the Cacao. The result is a mood-enhancing experience like no other. Then we add non-psycoactive DEA-legal hemp extract, with zero THC.

six raw chocolate cbd bars

Deliciously Raw Dark Chocolate with Therapeutic Hemp Extract

Hemp Extract Superfood Chocolate Contains:

Arriba Criollo Cacao Paste, Cacao Butter, Hemp Extract,  Medicinal Food’s “Shaman’s Blend”:  Maca, Mucuna, Spirulina, Chlorella, Ashwaganda, Hemp Protein, Full-Spectrum Reishi and Cordyceps,   Ecuadorian Raw Evaporated Mineral-Rich Cane-Juice, Vanilla and Himalayan Salt.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Our Reishi and Cordyceps is Full Spectrum, containing the super-potent baby mushrooms, spores mycelium and fruiting body.  Taking Cordyceps is one of the best ways to Oxygenate the body.  Reishi,  The “Mushroom of Immortality”, as well as Cordyceps can SUPER-BOOST your immune system.

Good Fats

Superfood Chocolate is high in oleic acid, monounsaturated “healthy fats” that are good for the heart and blood.

Shaman’s Blend

Ancient Cacao Shamans knew what was up.  Inspired by their alchemy I created a Superfood Mix with Superfoods, Superherbs, Aphrodisiacs, Protein Power called Shaman’s Blend.   The blend contains the following Superfoods:

***These statements may highlight traditional uses for these superfoods are  in no way meant to make medical claims***

Shamans Blend Description:

Ashwagandha (Root)

  • Known as “Indian Ginseng”
  • Ayurvedic Sleep Tonic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Longevity  Tonic
  • Berries and Leaves  are used topically on tumors, carbuncles and ulcers†
  • Known to help with Parkinson’s Disease, Bone Cancer, Bipolar Disorder, Diabetes and Breast Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy†

Chlorella (Blue-Green Algae)

  • Colon Purifier
  • Complete Protein
  • High in Polyunsaturated Fats
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Weight Control, Cancer Prevention  and Immune Support†
  • Reduced Dioxin Levels and increased IGA Levels in Breast Milk.†

Lucuma (South American Eggfruit)

  • High in Vit. B3 (Niacin) and Carotene
  • Exotic Lost Peruvian fruit know as “Gold of the Inca”
  • Tastes like Maple Syrup cookie dough!

Maca (Radish Family)

  • Energy and Mood enhancer
  • Prostate- Can shrink when enlarged.
  • Optimum Nutrition for Endocrine System†
  • Improved Semen Quality
  • Heightened Libido – Aphrodisiac
  • Strong for some body types.

Mesquite- (Kiawe)

  • Low Glycemic Sweetener
  • High in Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc and Aminos

Mucuna Puriens (Velvet Bean)

  • Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat Parkinson Disease.†
  • Contains LDOPA, an amino acid that the body converts to Dopamine
  • HGH Secretagogue
  • Aphrodisiac, increases Sperm Count†
  • Prophylactic Treatment of Snakebites
  • Antidepressant†
  • Regulates Serotonin (5-HT), 5-HTP†

L-Dopa Helps:

  • Regenerate Organs
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improve Skin
  • Promote increased bone density and reversal of Osteoporosis†
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Enhance Mood, Libido and Sexual Performance†
  • Improve Cholesterol Profile†
  • Increase Energy


  • Complete Protein
  • Contains all essential Amino Acids
  • Known for Anti-Inflammatory effects†

“Lovers Bar” Contains “mood enhancing” Mucuna

Why is this Monkey Smiling? It could be that he just ate some Velvet Monkey Beans!
Why is this Monkey Smiling? It could be that he just ate some Mucuna, or Velvet Monkey Beans!
  • Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat Parkinson Disease.†
  • Contains LDOPA, an amino acid that the body converts to Dopamine
  • HGH Secretagogue
  • Aphrodisiac, increases Sperm Count
  • Prophylactic Treatment of Snakebites
  • Neurotransmitter enhancing qualities
  • Regulates Serotonin (5-HT), 5-HTP†

Mucuna is the “Anti-Stimulant” that Cacao Shamans have used traditionally to balance cacao and compliment its psychoactive effects.  Mucuna contains safe levels of neurotransmitter activators. Each bar is also loaded with the world’s most potent Cordyceps and Reishi medicinal mushroom mycelium.

When combined with the natural MAO inhibitors in the Cacao and Ashwaganda,  a long-term release of Seretonin, and other Neurotransmitters, can occur. By receiving these alchemical Medicinal Foods many people report a sustained and euphoric “Happy Feeling”.

ORDER Your Superfood HEMP EXTRACT bars NOW!

*† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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