THE RAW CHOCOLATE DIET Superfoods Detox & Colon Cleanse eBook

  • Discover the history of Chocolate
  • Connect with the “Spirit of Cacao”
  • Learn how to cleanse virtually every organ in your body in fun and easy ways!
  • Experience the “Cacao Cleanse” and feel lighter and healthier than ever before.
  • Beautiful photography and illustrations.



The Raw Chocolate Diet

Imagine drinking a chocolate superfood smoothie, with Chia Seeds each day to cleanse out the undigested material in your color. Then transition to deeper cleanses.

What are the health benefits of raw cacao? Which nutrients are abundant in raw cacao that 80% of Americans are deficient in?

What’s the Bliss chemical and the Love chemical in cacao and how can it reduce the risk of hypertension and bad cholesterol?

All this and more is waiting for you.

Your Body will Love you for it!
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The Raw Chocolate Diet