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Taylors Oil Pulling Rinse


Oil pulling is also called “oil swishing.” It is the act of swishing with an oil rinse in one’s mouth in order to allow the oil to draw out toxins from the mouth & bloodstream. It has been used for thousands of years.

Our Oil Pulling rinse is specially formulated with our Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Oil and Ancient Black Seed Oil infused into our proprietary healing herbal blend; made up of herbs that have been used for centuries as an aid in healing the mouth & body. The consistency is similar to the traditional Ayurvedic Sesame oil, with the aded benefit of Black Seed Oil

Of course, we store it in only the best; Glass. No yucky plastic here {we don't do plastic}. Enjoy this family size 12.7oz.

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Oil Pulling – Herbal Rinse – Glass Bottle:  | 12.7oz{Fam}
• Propriotary Herbal & Oil Blend designed for whole oral & body care
• Properties & Benefits: Cleansing, Healing & Detoxing of mouth & body
• Stored in: Glass w/ metal cap
• Purity Tested /Quality Assured
• ALL Natural, Packaged in Hawaii, USA
• Plastic FREE Packaging
• Ancient Ayurvedics believed oil pulling to be the natural method for performing a full mouth & body detox!
• Used in India for centuries as an alternative to whole oral care

What is it used for?
*Here are the Many uses that thousands have claimed work for them:
•Overall whole oral care
•Whitening of teeth
•Ridding of abscesses
•Preventing & ridding of decay
•Preventing cavities
•Fixing / fastening loose teeth
•Ridding of gum disease
•Eliminating bleeding gums
•Stopping tooth sensitivity
•Ridding of eczema
•Ridding of psoriasis
•Ridding of tooth infections
•Aiding in abscesses


[1] Shake well then pour 1-2 TBS into a glass.
[2] Swish Vigorously (using your tongue to rub oil over problem areas) for either:**1-5min. once per week (general, overall care) OR
***10-20min. per day (detoxing, full mouth/body care)
[3] Spit into compost or nature if possible (if not, into trash).
[4] Follow with a warm water rinse.

**For general, whole oral care: Use once per week when needed; swishing 1-5 minutes.
***For detox and full mouth & body care: Use once per day for 7-30 days; swishing fo 20 minutes.


• If brushing teeth with toothpaste, preform your oil pulling AFTER you have brushed.
• Use with our Natural Tooth Paste & Tooth Powder for Complete Powerful Oral Care!
• Sit down & read a book, watch a movie, stretch, or get on your computer before oil pulling & time will fly!

100% Natural Ingredients:

w/ Black Seed Oil: Big Island, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Oil, Ancient Black Seed Oil, healing & cleansing herbal blend & pure Hawaiian ALOHA.

*Disclaimer: We are not doctors and make no claims to be. Anything stated on this site are only statements from ours and other’s own individual experiences. Always use your best judgment, try things out first and consult your medical adviser if you prefer. We are just sharing information that has helped us in caring for our little ones and ourselves in the most natural way possible.

Customer Reviews:

“I started using this product & shortly thereafter, during a dentist appointment, the assistant commented on how white my teeth were, thinking I had whitened them! No chemicals and bleach up in this mouth to whiten, only earth’s natural oils & herbs! This stuff works!” ~Pennie

“I had a nasty abcess in my mouth that would not go away no matter how much I brushed and flossed. I picked up some of this (skeptical at first) and within 1 week of using it in the “detox” instructed form, my abcess was completely gone!” ~Judy B.

“I have very sensitive gums that constantly hurt. I tried this stuff and it gave me instant relief; not to mention a whole bunch of other benefits as well. I swear by this stuff!” ~Renae Jameson

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