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A resource list of superfoods, healing plants and herbs.

Raw Chocolate in various forms

Raw Cacao

You will be surprised to know that chocolate actually DOES grow on trees! Chocolate comes from beans which are grown on Theobroma cacao trees that are native to Central & South America. It is also grown commercially and approximately 70% of the worlds cacao is grown in Africa. more »

Maca Powder Superfood Medicinal Foods

Maca Root

Did you know?– MACA has the ability to increase fertility in both men and women, balance hormones, boost the immune system, and increase energy, stamina, improve sexual function, memory, and focus. more »

Chaga Mushroom Medicinal Superfood Anti Inflamatory

Chaga Mushroom

Did you know?– CHAGA has the ability to prevent and treat cancer, stimulate the immune system, reduces inflammation, improves physical endurance and has anti-viral abilities. Try our Organic Full-Spectrum Chaga mix today! more »