Carin T.

This greens taste so good.. like milk chocolate! This is potent and delicious. more »

B. Austin wife will love this! Delicious! This will be nice at night too.. more »


The taste is so delicious and I usually hate mushrooms!! I need this in my life!! My lungs and heart are thirsty for this.. more »

Fehmina Alam

O.M.G!! I have gotten badly addicted to coffee, and need to give it a boot due to suffering from adrenal fatigue. I knew my biggest struggle would be to say bye-bye to coffee so I looked for natural alternatives. I bought chicory root, coffee and Coffee Break. Out of all 3, this was the first one I… more »

Sarah Pidutti

Such potent medicinals to heal the body, mind & soul. I really felt the mood enhancing affect. This is my go to for a cacao boost beverage. Thank you Medicinal Foods! more »

Ryan Black

Excellent product! Great taste and easy to blend. Highly recommended more »


This Chi Tonic Vitality is just WOW, it powers my every morning, it tastes delicious with a nut milk and warm and it gets me going strong!! I LOVE IT!! more »

Rebecca Maidman

I am so delighted with Medicinal Foods. Love tonic has been a staple of mine for at least 2 years. It seems to balance out my energy and moods. I just add it to my smoothies. When I forget I can tell the difference. more »

Julie Jeffrey

I love this company and I love this product. You can taste, smell and feel the purity of these products and the intention that goes into them. Living Greens is an awesome green powder not only because of its purity, potency and freshness but also the way it tastes. You can eat it by the spoonful… more »

Dr. Chris

I have the chi tonic after dinner and the Spirit tonic before bed! great way to end the day with energizing hot drinks with no caffeine. both are energizing in different ways. feelin it and lovin it more »


It taste great and I do not notice any sugar buzz or low. It seems very healthy and taste great w my organic cream and coffee more »