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Feed your Potential...

The Ancient-Future of Food. Pull from nature’s apothecary, for your Journey to Wellness.
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Sky Kuby, the Founder of Medicinal Foods

Sky Kubby


Cafe-Mocha-Laté = Adaptogens, Nootropics, Medicinal Mushrooms + more...

Experience Invincible Immunity & Everlasting Energy

Feeding your potential since 2012 and transforming the lives of 1,000s of happy customers.

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Dr Recommended Superfoods from Medicinal-Foods.com

Energy & Immunity

Unlock Boundless Energy and Fortify Immunity: Elevating your Well-being with Powerful Solutions from the Ancient Future Food.

Cavity Healing & Oral Care

Revitalize Your Smile: Superior Cavity Healing and Comprehensive Oral Care Solutions

Brain & Gut Health

Mind-Body Balance: Enhance Brain & Gut Health for a Holistic Well-being.

Anti-aging & detox

Timeless Rejuvenation: Embrace Youthful Vitality with Our Anti-Aging & Detox Collection.

Brand Origin Story✨

Founder, Sky Kubby takes you on a journey...

Discover how he got his superpowers of Invincible Immunity and Everlasting Energy. Born into a pioneering children’s summer camp near Mt. Shasta, he overcame chronic illness to launch his Medicinal Foods brand. Drawing on indigenous wisdom of natures apothecary, Sky highlights his top creations to Feed Your Potential “The Ancient-Future of Food!”

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100% natural

Made in England

Great taste

Zero Filler


Frequently Asked Questions.

Medicinal Foods is a brand dedicated to harnessing the power of nature to promote optimal health and wellness. We offer a range of carefully crafted products that incorporate indigenous wisdom with the cutting edge of Health and Wellenss to Feed Your Potential, “The Ancient-Future of Food!”

Our products stand out due to their exceptional quality and commitment to utilizing nature’s finest ingredients. We carefully select and blend herbs, superfoods, and other natural elements to create potent formulations that support vitality, immunity, and overall well-being. No fillers!

We prioritize safety and quality in everything we offer. Our products are made using organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. They are meticulously tested for purity and potency, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products for your well-being.

Our products are designed to offer a wide array of health benefits. They can help boost energy levels, support immune function, enhance mental clarity, promote healthy digestion, and provide essential nutrients. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to address specific wellness needs.

Absolutely! We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. Our website features a blog section where you can find informative articles, recipes, and tips on various aspects of health, nutrition, and holistic well-being. Be sure to explore our blog for valuable resources to support your wellness journey.
We also send weekly updates with a lot of added value if you leave your email.

Yes, we strive for your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy on our website for detailed instructions on how to initiate a return or request a refund.

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