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    Chapter 5, Your Elixir Bar, The Raw Chocolate Diet

    Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Raw and Chocolatey! Now it is the Time to spruce up your Elixir Bar! Enjoy these Hydrating Elixirs and Superfoods Smoothies in your own home. CLICK HERE TO READ CHAPTER 5 Included Elixir Recipes: Tea Bases Cacao Elixir Make Your Own Nut and Seed Milk Berry-Hemp Cream Shake Probiotic Kefir Dran-Gan […]

    Cleanse, The Raw Chocolate Diet, Chapter 4

    Welcome to your Raw Chocolate Lifestyle! It’s time for some Spring Cleansing!  The crazy thing about cleansing is that if you don’t start, you never experience the benefits!  Raw Chocolate makes initiating a cleanse possible! At the time of writing this I’m on day 6 of a cleanse outlined in The Raw Chocolate Diet and I’m feeling GREAT!  I eased into my […]

    Chapter 4, Part 2, CLEANSE your Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys and Lymph, The Raw Chocolate Diet,

    Welcome to Raw Chocolate Lifestyle! We’re continuing the Cleansing theme in this chapter with a gentle cleanse of each organ.  Ready to flush your Kidneys with some yummy watermelon juice?  How about a Sauna and Scrub for your Skin an Lymph? Here’s the link to the full Chapter 4, here (Check it out): CLICK HERE TO […]

    Awake and Aware, The Raw Chocolate Diet, Chapter 3

    Welcome back to the Lifestyles of the Raw and Chocolatey! Scroll down to get this weeks chapter: Awake and Aware! I hope you have been enjoying reading The Raw Chocolate Diet and having as much fun as I am Living The Raw Chocolate Lifestyle! What’s all the buzz around Medicinal Foods Raw, Organic, Vegan, Superfood, Dark Chocolate LOVERS BAR?  […]

    Meet the Cacao Spirit, The Raw Chocolate Diet, Chapter 1

    Welcome the the Raw Chocolate Lifestyle,  and the Medicinal Foods Tribe.  Congratulations! You are taking a big step towards a healthier and more decadent lifestyle! As we embark on a journey of Healthy Living,  prepare to experience Close Encounters of the Chocolatey Kind!  Get ready to meet the Spirit of Cacao…   Are you ready to eat more chocolate and be healthier than you ever imagined?   […]