What is a Cacao Ceremony?

What is a cacao ceremony and how are they performed?

As people try to find life's meaning, more people are looking to explore the metaphysical world. Rituals and spiritual rites, are becoming more prevalent in today's society.

Indeed, it's no wonder that such ancient practices and ceremonies are gaining precedence in the urban realm. But even as they do so, there is still a large number of people that do not understand the rituals.

Aztec Cacao Tranditional Art Aztec Cacao Art

Here is a comprehensive guide:

What Is It?

They have been practiced for millennia and are thought to be the ultimate heart-opener. They are social gatherings that typically involve ceremonial drinks, music, and a sacred circle. It is known to have innumerable health benefits including improved blood flow, strong immunity, detoxification, and healing.

Ceremonial grade cacao

Not all chocolate's the same, it should be pure, high quality grade, which is thought to help with energetic healing and obtaining insight in areas such as career, intuition, personal growth, and meaning. Sugar and other aditives can cancel the natural therapeutic effects of the drink, which has benefits of its own without the use of caffeine as in coffee.

As such, these rituals yearn to improve blood flow to the brain, which helps to strengthen alertness and concentration. They are rejuvenation rituals that clear the mind and allow a person to evoke peace and grounding in their life.

Even while the strongest results are felt in a social setting, it does not have to be done in one; instead, it can be done at home as a morning or evening ritual. All one has to do is establish a calming environment then create an ambiance using sage, Peruvian palo santo wood, candles, and a few crystals.


It was a sacred, elite, and ritualistic plant in ancient civilizations, first discovered by the Olmecs in 1500 B.C. the rituals were therefore religious rituals used to connect to spiritual beings by ancient Mesoamerican societies. They were ways to elevate the spirits of those who were about to be sacrificed in the Aztec monarchy.

Candle Ceremony Lights

The rituals were also done as part of childbirth, baptism, and marriage because they were linked to fertility. It was used in almost every important ceremony in ancient America.

What Role Did it Play in the Ceremony?

It was commonly used in Aztec sacrifice ceremonies to lift the spirits of individuals about to be slain. Aztec Mythology claims that God created man out of maize and the substance, as well as other plants brought from the "Mountains of Sustenance." Likewise, Mayan mythology claims that the God of Maize was born from a cacao pod.

In this light, It was revered in all civilizations as a gift of sacred nature to the Gods, with associations to both joyous mental states and a vital component of the human makeup. Besides being a sacred commodity, it was also medicinal, believed to improve immunity, nervous system, weariness, and fever.

Rituals In the 21st Century

The modern practice arose from the same ideals as ancient cultures, serving as tools for self-discovery and refreshment. Ancient cultures show that there is a link between the human soul and nature and though originally this looked primitive, science is confirming that indeed, life is more interwoven with nature.

Modern rituals, while not directed at these ancient Gods, embrace their meditative effects, which calm the body and cleanse the mind, allowing for times of pure self-reflection. Urban residents are finding these rituals to be transformative and enjoyable experiences, capable of rejuvenating one's zeal for life. As such, the rituals are now a staple in the Shaman and yoga communities.

Using Ceremonial Products

It is a potent tool for gaining access to the inner self. It brings a feeling of warmth to the chest and makes a person more present, gentle, and loving. For decades, mankind and nature coexisted in peace, with plants viewed as sentient, living organisms, and healers in their own right.

Today, this old wisdom is becoming increasingly prevalent in our urban jungle. Plants such as these, in their purest form, help humans reconnect with nature. The beans in particular when pure evoke deep sensations that open the heart to a world beyond what is visible to the common eye.

Cacao ceremony recipe

Preparing a cacao ceremony at Home

Although there is no set recipe, below are some of the things that can be included in the divine process. It can be led by one or more people and can last anywhere from an hour to 15 minutes. Here are steps to follow when holding a special ritual:

  • Prepare 4tbls powder, 1 glass of water, and additives.
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Use sage or palo santo to clear the area.
  • Set your goals for the ritual
  • Connect to the emotion of appreciation and gratitude
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Drink the substance
  • Meditate, dance, listen to a sacred song or have a heart-to-heart with each other.
  • If time is not available, pick one activity as your drink the brew while meditating on what you want to achieve.
  • Serving Cacao Heart Opening

Spiritual Benefits

It is a vital metaphysical tool to connect to the energetic realm of the heart and others. It's a strong instrument for delving deeper into personal feelings, underlying values, and thoughts. It helps in shamanic journeys, visualization, and journaling.

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As a result, it may help with energetic healing and clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuition, profession, and personal growth. Try it and watch creativity go through the roof!

It's impossible to believe it doesn't have a spirit after witnessing a group ritual. It manifests in different ways for different people, but it's often described as a humorous, compassionate medicine that connects people to their deep-seated wisdom.

Why Go to One?

People's perceptions of themselves have been transformed by modern medicine. Unfortunately, these medicines frequently heal physical bodies, but most people overlook their spirits in the process.

The rituals might help reclaim personal spiritual balance when lost. To fully touch with inner intuition and open up the heart, perform a Devine ritual at home.

Set an intention today, reclaim that inner power, allow creativity to flow, and experience this amazing natural high. It can be quite powerful!