Medicinal Foods – Feed Your Potential

Founder, CEO Sky Kubby takes you on a journey...

from Illness to wellness, to discover how he got his superpowers of Invincible Immunity and Everlasting Energy.

Born at a children’s summer camp near Mt. Shasta, he overcame Asthma and chronic illness to launch the Medicinal Foods Brand on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Drawing on indigenous wisdom of natures apothecary, Sky highlights top product benefits and demonstrates the power of the body's innate intelligence, to Feed Your Potential “The Ancient-Future of Food!”

Best Selling Products

This revolutionary new formula combines the cutting edge technology for safe and effective enamel restoration and true tooth remineralization.

Best part is that it begins working immediately, filling in and repairing small dental caries- or cavities. So you can literally feel this squeaky-smooth armor on your teeth with the first application.

A caffeine-free, coffee substitute that actually tastes like coffee!

Unique and savory brew of Gluten-Free roasted Chicory, Dandelion, and Gluten-Free Barley & Rye extracts with an added boost of Superfoods: Chaga Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom and Maca Root.

Enjoy the healthiest and best tasting coffee substitute ever!

Product Overview from Founder/CEO Sky Kubby

Functional Chocolate, Beverage Blends, Medicinal Mushrooms & more!

Nourish your Body, Mind, and Soul with the Potent Alchemy of our Superfood Blends — Feed your Potential and feel your Radiant Best!

Our products can help improve your energy, health, concentration, and help you to loose weight!

More Sky & Company Vision

Customer Reviews

  • Love all of their mushroom powders including their chaga, reishi and cacao elixir! After searching for months to find a mushroom powder brand I could fully trust, I came across Medicinal Foods and have been exclusively using their products since then. Already experiencing so many amazing changes and 10/10 recommend!

    Aria Massoudifar Avatar Aria Massoudifar
    May 28, 2019

    This is an amazing company with incredible products and super powerful blends. I actually recommend this to my patients!

    Dr. Molly Maloof Avatar Dr. Molly Maloof
    May 25, 2019

    this brand is Awesome!! super tasty with high quality potent blends, the owner is super cool too.

    Patrick Haize Bowersox Avatar Patrick Haize Bowersox
    May 23, 2019
  • I LOVE Medicinal-Foods as my go-to Superfood tonic source! <3 As a Women's Health Educator and Hormone Balancing Chef, I create recipes with the Love Tonic Womb Nutritive and my clients have had great results with an increase in libido and fertility. I also LOVE the coffee break- it's a great substitute for coffee. Coffee can be quite taxing on the endocrine system for women, so the coffee break is a nice alternative, especially with the added immune boosting mushrooms for adaptogen support! <3 Thanks Medicinal-Foods! Love, Allie McFee, Modern Goddess Lifestyle

    Allie McFee Avatar Allie McFee
    March 16, 2019

    I tried the Love Tonic and loved it. It helped me to be more conscious of what I was putting inside my body and I started doing more fruit juices and shakes to incorporate the tonic in. I definitely felt more alive and receptive do to the Love Tonic.

    Renee Adolphe Avatar Renee Adolphe
    October 2, 2018

    Amazing products! Huge fan. Would eat / drink 24/7/365. I need this in my life.

    Ethan Swift Avatar Ethan Swift
    August 24, 2018
  • Top droor, tonic-grade herbs, with astonishingly visceral results. I personally enjoy making a hot and frothy "Super-Tonic" with the Chaga, Reishi, & Cordyceps; Beyond this world!!!

    Michael Proctor Avatar Michael Proctor
    July 29, 2018

    Items you cannot find anywhere else, thats my style :)

    Rachel Porath Avatar Rachel Porath
    February 26, 2018

    love the cordyceps, feel the energy boost, good stuff. spirit tonic good too

    Âøm Îshmæl Ângelø Avatar Âøm Îshmæl Ângelø
    February 6, 2018
  • Best {{{*GREENS*}}} *E*V*E*R* these are the First {{{*GREENS*}}} I ever liked ✨✨ and I actually feel ~N~O~U~R~I~S~H~E~D~ with ~E~N~E~R~G~Y~ Thanks Sky

    Richi Kai Karou Avatar Richi Kai Karou
    March 14, 2016

    Beautiful, gracious family. Informative session at wanderlust Oahu 2016! Love all your bars but my absolute fave is the sea salt macadamia. Went back Sunday aft to stock up but they were already gone!

    Terri Clinton Avatar Terri Clinton
    February 29, 2016

    Sky dear friend, my family loves your family! Thank you for the medicine infused with love and knowledge, great intention and experience. We would like to carry Medicinal Foods at the Hilo Shala! Muah!!

    Nicole Garr Avatar Nicole Garr
    December 10, 2014
  • Yyyyuuuuummmm conscious foods from highest integrity sources .. What can be better?❤️

    Omra Art-music Avatar Omra Art-music
    December 7, 2014

    I am in love with your Cacao Elixir, sooooo yummy!

    Jessica Merritt Avatar Jessica Merritt
    August 25, 2014

    Thank you for sharing sooo much wonderful information with us , This is much needed health info that the general public does not know much about due to lack of advertisement!

    Janet N Phil Colvin Avatar Janet N Phil Colvin
    August 17, 2014
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