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Taste the Potent Alchemy of our Superfood Blends — Feed your Potential and feel your Radiant Best!

Masterfully Blended Superfoods

Pure, Potent, Bioavailable Nutrients

ancient sadhu ate herbal spirit tonic for healthy living

Raw, Vegan, Organic, Wild-Crafted, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and 100% Delicious!

Add to your favorite recipes, sprinkle on soups and salads, make superfood smoothies, tea, hot cereal, ice cream, and more!

Make every meal nutrient rich! and powerpacked with our delicious, health enhancing superfoods:

Chocolate Lovers Bar Shamans Blend Just take me to your raw chocolate! Chocolate Lovers Bar Macnuts Chocolate Covered Almonds Raw Organic Medicinal Foods Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts Raw Organic

Raw Chocolate

With Superfood Enhanced "Shaman's Blend"

Raw Vegan Cacao Superfood Powder and Organic Chocolate Mix

Our chocolate products: All Raw & Vegan, All Organic!

And all our raw chocolate contains our proprietary, mood-enhancing Shaman’s Blend, fortified with top superfoods, medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms & hemp protein.

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Wild-crafted, Superior Bioavailability

Cordyceps Chaga and Reishi mushroom powder

Full-spectrum Medicinal Mushroom Powder: Chaga Mushroom Mix, Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Reishi Mushroom Powder

Provide natural energy, reduce stress, and help to keep you and your family strong and healthy.

Our mushroom blends taste so good, we mix them into our superfood raw chocolate!

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Living Greens Probiotics

Ready, Organic, Green Drink Powder

Living Greens Drink Powder with Probiotics

10 fermented Super Greens with Living Probiotics and Enzymes. 100 servings of super greens, just add water!

With Milk Thistle for Liver support and medicinal herbs like Rosemary, Licorice & Cinnamon.

Kids love the organic berry flavor!

“I felt my entire body become lighter, happier and nourished!” —Lindsay, Los Angeles, CA

Get Living Greens Organic Green Drink

Tonic Medicinal Herbs

Healing Herbal Botonical Blends

Female Hormone Balance Herbal Love Tonic Powder

Natural Herbal Tonics blended with Healing Plants & Healing Herbs.

Blends based on Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Add to your favorite recipes, smoothies, and herbal tea.

Our Herbal Tonic Blends: The feminine energy nourishing Love Tonic, the calming Spirit Tonic, and the super energizing Chi Tonic​ and our coffee substitute Coffee Break make great natural energy drinks!

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All Medicinal Superfood Produdcts

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