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Gumtite Ozonated Oil Pulling

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Discover the revitalizing power of Gumtite, your ultimate ozonated oil pulling solution! Infused with ozone, this premium blend of oils combats plaque and bacteria, promoting gum health. Bid farewell to gum disease as Gumtite aids in healing tooth decay and stopping bleeding, receding gums. Experience the detoxifying freshness of ozone today! Start oil pulling today for healthier gums with Gumtite!

  • Oil Pulling: Ozone is infused into a blend of oils to target plaque and bacteria.
  • Natural Gum Health: Discover the path to gum health the way nature intended.
  • Correct gum problems with our premium ozonated oil treatment.
  • Plaque-Busting Blend: Ozone-infused oils specifically target plaque and harmful bacteria.
  • Regular use aids in combating harmful bacteria/ inflammation, addressing the root causes
  • Healthy, tingly-fresh gums! Use OIl-Pulling to detox the entire body!

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Gumtite, Oil Pulling! Ozonated fast tooth and gum healing, order today!

Experience the detoxifying Freshness of Ozone! 

Unlock the natural path to gum health and leave gum disease behind with Gumtite, your premium ozonated oil pulling treatment. 

Ozone is infused into a blend of oils to target plaque and bacteria. Supports healing tooth decay & bleeding receding gums.

We’ve gone back to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of “oil pulling”, an effective way to purify & detox the gums, teeth, throat and glands.

Traditionally, Sesame oil has the best results. Now enhanced with the purifying, healing power of pure Ozone! 

With a therapeutic level of infused oil, Gumtite offers a holistic approach to gum healing, elevating your oral care routine to a whole new, sparkling clean level..

Key Benefits:

:sparkles: Revitalize Your Gums: Gumtite’s unique formula nurtures and rejuvenates your gums, providing relief from discomfort and supporting gum health restoration.
:herb: All-Natural Solution: We are committed to your well-being with clean ingredients. Gumtite contains no harsh chemicals or artificial additives, ensuring a gentle, natural remedy for gum issues.
:tooth: Defend Against Gum Disease: Gumtite is your ally in the battle against gum disease. Regular use aids in combating harmful bacteria and inflammation, addressing the root causes of oral health concerns.
:sun_with_face: Enhance Your Smile: Healthy gums are the foundation of a radiant smile. With Gumtite, you can take one step closer to a confident, glowing grin.

Feel Amazing! You’ll love the tingly sensation of Ozone and your mouth will feel fresher than ever before.  Oil pulling has the power to detox your entire body!

How to Use:

      • Use before brushing and/or after eating.

      • Swish a sip of oil for 5-15 mins. then spit.

      • You may practice “Facial Yoga” as you work the jaw, mouth and face while swishing between each tooth. Begin your day by taking a tablespoon of Gumtite.

      • Spit it out and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

      • For optimum results, incorporate Gumtite into your daily oral care regimen.

    Experience the Natural Difference:

    At Medicinal Foods we are passionate about your well-being and committed to environmental responsibility. Our product is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, aligning with our dedication to your oral health journey and the planet.

    Elevate your oral care routine with Gumtite and embark on a journey toward healthier gums. Say hello to a happier, healthier smile with every use.


    Traditional Ayurvedic Cured Sesame Oil*, Coconut Oil*†, Sunflower Oil*, Peppermint oil*. †Ozonated with ultra pure ozone. *Organic


    -Certified Organic
    Essential Oils
    -Fluoride Free

    For use on teeth and gums; if irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a meddical condition, consult a healthcare professional before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

    Simple, safe & effective!!

    Weight0.1 kg
    Dimensions6 × 2 × 6 cm

    Single-Pack, 3-Pack

    3 reviews for Gumtite Ozonated Oil Pulling

    1. Omra

      This is an amazing product! It healed my severe gum sensitivity, and I really love the fresh feeling of the ozone. Wish I had it a long time ago!

    2. Docta Nick

      Gumtite is the best oil pulling formulation on the market I have discovered. Perfect balance of quality carrier oils, a mild concentration of therapeutic essential oils with a healthy mixture of ozone.

      This has become a staple for my oral regimen and has upped my oral health. Great combined with a separate MMS swish and appropriate flossing / brushing. Will be continuing to use for the foreseeable future!

      Excellent offering Sky ❤️

    3. Patricia

      WOW. I just tried the oil pulling GUMTITE and i love it!!! History: I did oil pulling for almost a decade religiously with organic coconut oil and truly it was really taxing. The coconut oil made me gag and many times i had to spit it out and cough like crazy because something in the coconut oil irritated my throat. AND when i went to a new holistic dentist 8 months ago, i had deep pockets – after all that swooshing and serious tooth brushing with holistic toothpaste! They scaled all teeth for thousands of dollars and said no more swooshing… My gums grew back, the pockets healed and here I am swooshing again. IRONY – if i would have known the product was a swooshing product i would never have bought it. I just remember asking you at your table what you would recommend and buying it! It must have been meant to be that I started swooshing again. I also love the taste of the DENTITE and will use them both religiously! Thanks Patricia and I will buy the emu oil on your site asap i forgot!

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