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Directions / Suggested Use

  • For Adults – 1 teaspoon up to 3 times daily (approximately 5-6 droppers up to 3 times daily)
  • For Children – ¼ to ½ teaspoon once a day (2-3 droppers daily)

Silver Biotics Extra Strength Daily Immune Supportr: My Precious

Sky Kubby, Medicinal Foods Founder, Invincible Immunity Protocol:

Immunity is my superpower. Because it wasn’t always that way. I’ve spent a lifetime building it.

Here’s what I take- my “precious” and more... My simple Immune Boosting regimen with Nano Silver (not colloidal) and more! All about why I love this stuff!

This is everything I took when I recently travelled to give a talk on Invincible Immunity. There were sick people there and when I returned as well. It helped me weather the Storm unscathed and in great health!

Integral part of my Invincible Immunity Protocol

Throughout the centuries and into today, silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind.

Silver in the good ol' days:

  • Some cultures added powdered silver to a newborn\'s first bath as protection against a harsh world.
  • Milk farmers used to use a silver pail to collect milk, because they found that the raw milk could remain unrefrigerated for hours without spoiling.
  • Similarly, our early settlers would often throw silver dollars into their wells or water barrels to keep the water potable.
  • In days of old, they didn\'t know why silver made such a difference in their lives; but they knew that it did make a difference when it was used in these ways.


The first line of defense with powerful Nano Silver Products to support a healthy immune system.

Silver Today

Modern science now explains why these ancient practices were effective; it also shows that even in modern-times, silver has many uses that may support our healthy well-being.

Numerous tests at major universities and commercial labs like Kansas State, UC Davis, Brigham Young University have proven the effectiveness of silver.

Does Nano Silver Harm Helpful Bacteria in the Intestines?

Enveloped in a water molecule, this nano silver goes to every nook and cranny in the body, killing pathogens.

This is an important question because some products can wipe out friendly bacteria that inhabit our large intestines.

These friendly bacteria not only produce B vitamins and folic acid, but they support healthy immune function.

The New Silver Solution® does not present such a problem.

Independent studies both at Brigham Young University and Viridis Biopharma have effectively shown this.

In vitro testing of the silver on a number of friendly fauna, such as lactobacillus, have shown that the silver does not kill these helpful, probiotic bacteria.

Listen to talk on the benefits of Nano Silver

Read this Total Health Magazine article PDF written by Dr. Sherrill Sellman about the growing problems with resistant bacteria and infection including MRSA (March 2015).

The article also talks about American Biotech Labs new FDA OTC cleared wound dressing gels.

These safe but powerful clear hydrogels have direct claims against bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

Fight MRSA infections: works even against bacteria like MRSA and VRE etc. etc., also yeast and fungus like Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger.

Fights Staph infection

This is the only silver we have found that wipes out the antibiotic-resistant MRSA at 14 ppm

Candida is top of the list at 10 ppm. Most other pathogens you and your family are at risk of daily are around 3 ppm.

Why should you always keep Nano Silver on hand?

  • First Line Of Disease Defense, Kills a Broad Spectrum of Pathogens
  • Great to have if you feel your immune system is running low!
  • Perfect to make sure cuts and scrapes do not get infected!
  • Proven Safe In Numerous Tests, it reaches everywhere within and then leaves the body!
  • Provides the 50mcg needed of silver per day lacking in topsoil
  • Provides rapid-fire machine gun electron exchange to destroy viruses and bacteria where colloidal silver just does it once.
  • New Test Work Includes Bird Flu
  • New Patent Issued and additional Patents Pending

The Silver Solution provides a first line of defense to protect our bodies against pathogens that are killing millions of people throughout the world annually.

The Silver Solution is an immune-modulator, meaning that it may help a healthy immune system to fight off disease!

Product Highlights

  • Extra Strength Formula Kills every pathogen ever tested in vitro
  • Comes with dropper for easy application
  • Targets bad bacteria and viruses and leaves the good bacteria, healthy flora alone
  • 100% leaves the body in 24hrs while colloidal silver stays in the body
  • Kills antibiotic-resistant MRSA Staph

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