Silver Biotics Colloidal Silver

Silver biotics colloidal silver is a liquid that contains a little or minute quantity of well-ground silver particles that floats in liquid.

A colloid is a liquid mixture of two substances that do not settle or mix.

They come in the form of gels, sols, and emulsions, which can be separated by a chemical method based on the size of the particles called centrifugation.

Nano Silver Powerful Immune System Support

Biotics colloidal silver is a gel mixture formed by tiny particles of silver and water.

These particles are very tiny and are often referred to as nanoparticles; they are invisible to the eye and float on water.

They also act as an antibacterial agent for dressing topical wounds, easing chest congestion, and other immunological functions.

Scientists and researchers often state that colloidal silver is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal, capable of curing a cold faster and aids the recuperative process in the body.

Colloidal silver is a commercially sold product often produced to cure all forms of oral maintenance and cleaning problems. But we selected the nano version which is better for you and more effective.

The use of silver for medical purposes and treatment can be recorded as far back as 1500 BC.

History shows that it was abandoned during the early 20th century due to antibiotics, which seemed a more viable and reliable option.

There are several silver biotics products in the market and store, some of which have shown different negative interactions with antibiotics or vaccinations and have posed a hazard to the well-being of human beings.

Our colloidal silver products produce more infection-fighting oxygen molecules, splitting viruses and bacteria in the body. They can also attach to the cell membranes, which helps to repel bacterial and other viral invaders.

Several fallacies regard silver biotics as having no nutritional value, often proven wrong. You may have been fed with all sorts of stories and alleged bad effects of silver biotics, but none of this is real.

Nano Silver Powerful Immune System Support

Benefits of biotics colloidal silver

Anti-microbial properties

Silver has been one of the most needed antibiotics in human health care. Its antimicrobial properties have been one of its usefulness to the human race.

Research shows that these colloids' antimicrobial and germ-fighting agents are ground into nanoparticles incorporated into bandages and dressings for wounds.

These silver-embedded wound dressings serve as a barrier to protect against infection and microbes from gaining access into the wound surface before they start to cause harm.

This is why it is being used for purification wound care. There are speculations that it cures Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV, and even cancer.

Oral protection

Colloidal silver also helps protect and prevent the mouth from all sorts of oral diseases and infections. As stated earlier, biotics colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties.

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This property helps eliminate all tooth pain, infections, or dental abscesses.

Aid in the treatment of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a very common disease in newborns in their first month of life. It may occur aseptic or septic and, if left untreated, may lead to permanent blinding.

In most cases, conjunctivitis can be removed by a silver colloidal solution, which may be mixed with a bit of nitrate. They help prevent the folding of DNA strands of the bacteria, which would stop their reproduction processes.

Cure for acne

There are cases that colloid silver has a side effect on acne, which can cause problems on the skin. Scientists proved this wrong by stating that there will be no issues if it's used as prescribed.

However, it is always advisable to follow your doctor's prescription and also ensure that the solution is pure silver colloids with no dilution of any sort.

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When applying the product to your skin (especially the eye), abstain from using other cosmetics or other facial care products to allow the colloidal silver to work perfectly.

Before applying any biotics colloidal silver, always read the manufacturer's dosing instructions unless your doctor advises otherwise. When applying this colloid, please note and check how your skin reacts or is reacting. A patch test for your skin is advisable.

Silver Biotics 16oz

Are you searching for better ways to boost your immune system or keep your oral clean from microbes and infections? Your best solution is silver biotics.

This is the best time to get serious about your health and get ready to fight for your family's well-being. Silver Biotics 16oz helps your immune system function more effectively, allowing your body's natural defense mechanism to operate at peak capacity.

This product was produced after tons of research from different personnel all around the globe. The product boosts the immune system and the normal well-being of the body.

The product was produced via a renowned technology called SilverSol. This technology aims to introduce nanoparticles into the body in a very effective, natural, and harmless manner to carry out its natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal function and quality.

Many brands exist, but colloidal silver's effectiveness has sometimes come into question: the potential danger of accumulating too much silver in the body. Silver Sol technology was created to improve other formulas and tested rigorously for safety and effectiveness.

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Our product is unique because each nano-silver particle is coated in an AG4O4 molecule (4 Silver atoms and 4 Oxygen atoms). The bond between the duos helps the nano-sized silver particles form with the water molecules and unite to form a structure.

This is still one of the most reliable, safest, and most efficient ways of introducing silver into the body. Our product works by targeting the harmful cells, attaching them to their microbial cell wall, and penetrating the cell to attack the stop-all energy production pathway.

It then attacks the microbe DNA to cause a total shutdown.

Why you should buy this product

  • Eliminates all forms of pathogens

  • Amazing reviews from past customers; who are always pre-ordering our products.

  • It eliminates only harmful bacteria and viruses in the mouth, leaving all-important or helpful microbes.

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    Neutralize and eliminate all forms of growth and reproduction of viruses.

  • Capable of eliminating high antibiotic-resistant pathogens

  • All silver particles or residues are flushed away after 24 hrs.

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Our special guest, Keith Moeller, is the driving force behind our beloved Nano Silver Solution

product and heads up the mother company American Biotech Labs (ABL).

Kieth knowledge about silver spans almost 30 years of experience working in the silver industry. His products have made a huge impact on our life in Hawaii and have given many the freedom to live without fear of nasty pathogens.

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He is also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy. He has co-authored many papers on silver, several of which have been peer-reviewed and published.

During the last 16 years Mr. Moeller has worked with some of the top scientists in the world, as well as numerous independent labs and universities, on developing ways to use silver for the betterment of humanity. ABL holds many patents in relation to their SilverSol Technology®, and has more patents pending.

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