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Candidas Treatment: Secret Purple Drops Kill, Fight Chronic Illness!

How my wife and I fought candida overgrowth…

The secret is out!

Sky Kubby
Sky Kubby, Author of “The 9-Step Cavity Healing Protocol” & Founder/CEO of  Medicinal-Foods™

I’m about to share something with you about candidas treatment that’s really top secret, information about this healing protocol keeps getting removed from the internet.

We used an amazing formula that has been around, mostly underground, since the 70’s, highly guarded and coveted by many.

The formula uses a laboratory extract of herbs, which seems to have a track record of helping with strange, chronic illnesses like Candidas Overgrowth, Psoriasis and Lyme’s.

Known secretly by enthusiasts as the "Purple Drops", the formula can be used in a daily protocol that is great for people who aren’t going to make the lifestyle changes they really should make and can’t find the time, or create the space required for a deep and life-transformational healing process.

Plants That Heal Medicinal Foods
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The protocol is a long-term therapy and the formula itself goes deep while working in harmony with people’s schedules; they can just take the drops in water or nutmilk.

This plant formula is POWERFUL, and it is recommended to lie down for 30 minutes after taking just a few drops.

I just take all my 9 – 13 drops for the day all-at-once, 1 time, at night before lying down for bed. I have worked my way up to this dose, however the directions state to start with only 1 drop!

Getting personal…

I struggled with Candida for years, starving myself of sugar and starches.  I was "allowed" one apple a week, however I live on a Tropical Fruit Tree Farm and want to EAT my fruit! It was driving me CRAZY!

Sugary Processed Foods Sweets Liver Damage
Sugar is candida’s favorite food, and can cause you to crave it more!

Then, I was told that after I starved the Candida of starches and sugars, the Fungus would start to go after Fats and I had to give those up as well!  It was true, I was CRAVING Nuts… I could literally feel the Candida controlling my brain, trying got guide me to the foods that would feed it.

I tried all types of ways to control my Candida;  From Oregano Oil to Zapping, from Sauna to Starvation. I did experience relief from the Brain Fog, Itchy rashes and lingering chronic Fungal issues with these treatments.  However, I always felt like I was trying WAY TOO HARD.

That’s when my wife turned me onto these amazing Purple Drops.  She had a lump in her throat and Eczema on the skin around her eye, which she often scratched.  After a 3 month treatment she experienced no more Eczema symptoms.

When she has her lump checked out it turned out to be absolutely nothing.  What is amazing about how these herbs work on Candida, is that after the 1st month of the treatment people with Candida overgrowth usually report a clearing up of issues.

Many people report their symptoms with other issues as well getting WORSE before clearing up as the fungus, or other chronic ailment begins to LEAVE the body.

Only took a month of use:

stomach health probiotic intestine health
Take good care of your tummy and heal your gut.

For myself and many I have spoke with, after 1 month the purple drops begins working on and destroying the ROOTS of the Candidas which grows into the Lymph and infect the rest of the Body.  For me it CLEARED my Candida overgrowth, without me having to change my diet.

It does, however, seem to work even better, in combination with eliminating or reducing sugar and processed foods.  I just finished a cleanse, outlined in my book,  The Raw Chocolate Diet. About a week through the cleanse I experience a Major Candida die-off while taking this product.  I was even eating blended fruit in my Banana – Kale Smoothies in the mornings!

In The Raw Chocolate Diet I outline HOW I’ve learned to eat fruit, at least 3 hours away from any oil, to allow for the maximum absorption of the sugar in the cell.  I learned this trick from the 80-10-10 ‘ers so that the sugar doesn’t linger around growing fungus, yeast and bacteria.  I was cleansing, assisted by Colon-Hydrotherapy in combination with my beloved purple drops and experience a MAJOR Candidas DIE-OFF.  In fact my tongue turned BLACK, signifying a systemic "Fungal Death!"

candida fighting vitae elixxir amazing healing drops no dietSo what ARE these mysterious Purple Drops?  The product is called Vitae Elixxir.  One bottle should last the course of a treatment (3-months), depending on how much you take.

What is in it? This laboratory formulated and concentrated extract contains powerful herbal plants such as Goldenseal, Gentian Root, Bloodroot, and more.

Taken by themselves they can be TOO MUCH for the body. Yet there is something about this blend, that is gentle, and extremely effective.

We’ve even had success with it out in Hawaii in treatment of Staph, both internally as well as externally, topically (diluted) even on the antibiotic MRSA staph!

May the incredible plant power of the Vitae Elixxir take your Health and Wellness to the next level!

Still want to learn more?

This amazing story by creater of Vitae Elixxir Extract was written in 1991 shares how he healed himself from Cancer of the bone, stomach, lymph, nose and eyes as well as Asthma, Arthritis and Bronchitis.

*These statements are not approved by the FDA and not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent disease. If you are suffering from any of the mentioned ailments you ares suggested to seek professional medical help immediately.

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