Regrow Tooth Enamel & Heal Cavities, Naturally

Here’s my full Protocol: My last visit to the dentist resulted in 5 cavities.  Since then, I’ve…D experienced a 4 point improvement in healing cavities, versus the .75 of 1…just looking at the ideal formula for healing cavities, re-mineralizing the…for Regrowing Tooth Enamel and Healing Cavities! Whew!  Was that too more »

healing cavities and regrow tooth enamel

Remineralize Teeth & Heal Cavities

“I have soft teeth… It’s a genetic thing.” At least that’s what my dentists…who had a track record for actually healing cavities. Early in his…for reversing tooth decay and healing cavities. If your dental health…Want to learn more? What I'm doing to healing cavities and re-mineralizing my…protocol appears to be working, I am healing cavities! With all the munching more »