Superfood “Chi Tonic” Powder Increases Energy & Chi (100g)

Superfood “Chi Tonic” Powder Increases Energy & Chi (100g)


Build your Chi and increase your energy!

Ancient Taoist and Zen Masters ate these “Superior” herbs, as Superfoods for radiant health of Body, Mind and Spirit. Many of these powerful adaptogens help resist stress, replenishing Energy and Life Force, Tonifying Organs and the Blood.

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Energy Herbs for “Chi” power

Meet some the superstar energy herbs and supporting characters of this formula:

  • Astragalus, to build Chi, immunity and tonify the Lungs as well as help with assimilation.
  • Shizandra, the five flavor fruit is used to center the mind, pull everything inward and stop kidney Jing leakage. Also used for PMS, Night Sweats and High Cholesterol.
  • Dan Gui moves and builds the blood and calms the liver. Helps transport iron to the bone marrow to build the blood.
  • Cinnamon for Chi, Blood and Skin,
  • Dan Shen to cool the blood.
  • Licorice, the great harmonizer the ground and balances the formula and builds Spleen Chi for getting nutrients out of food.
  • Lychee for happiness
  • Jujube for blood chi and spiritual activation,
  • Rhodiola, grown high in the Himalayas this chi builder and blood oxygenator contains serotonin and dopamine activators.

Usually there is stagnant chi in association with chronic illness such as asthma and many inflammation-based based issues. A Chi tonic has an inward pulling effect as it builds up the life force.

When your feeling depleted and when your health is generally good is a great time to take a chi tonic.  Just be careful of consuming tonic herbs regularly during ill health, such as with fever or sickness, which can be driven deeper. Otherwise a formula like Tonic Herbal Energy Blend is safe to take for a few months, and then take a break.

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Superfood “Chi Tonic” Powder Increases Energy & Chi (100g)”

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