Benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Highly recommended by Dr. Weston Price as part of his protocol for healing cavities naturally, with other health benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) going way back as an ancient food source rich in Fat-Soluble vitamins such as A & D.  Receive your fat soluble vitamins from FCLO (Fermented Cod Liver Oil) and build healthy bones and teeth as well as hair, skin and nails.

FCLO is loaded in fat soluble Vitamins, including Vitamin D. This particular oil is crucial in building strong teeth and bones, with Vitamin D playing a big factor in the ability to heal cavities.  This can be especially helpful to prevent gingivitis,  as it is an anti-inflammatory.

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Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil

FCLO -High Vitamin Butter Oil X-Factor BlendHow is FCLO good for my teeth?

The amount of calcium in your teeth is in flux. Calcium is flowing in and out of your teeth,  depending on where it is needed in the body. Vitamin D regulates this entire process! When levels of Vit. D are low, not only is no calcium sent to the teeth, but it is robbed from your teeth! If this is not stopped periodontal disease and weakened teeth can be the result.

Vitamin D is also directly responsible for creating the “Cementum” which binds your teeth to the bones in your mouth. It also appears that the gene which controls Periodantal disease is regulated by a receptor controlled by, guess what? Vitamin D.

Two new studies have linked low levels of vitamin D with Cognitive Impairment, or “Brain Fog”.  Subjects with low Vitamin D levels scored twice as low on mental testing. There are many naturally occurring metabolites and co-factors that make the issue of measuring natural nutrients difficult in the fermented oils. We do know that historical cultures liberally consumed these sacred foods to great benefit without today’s standardization of knowledge.

How To Use:

 Cinnamon Tingle With Plastic Dosage Syrynge

  • Take 1 – 2 servings or more, if desired, 1-2 time per day.
  • Insert plastic dosing syringe and withraw desired dosage.
  • Store upright with syringe sticking out of top to preserve the cleanliness of the dosing tool
  • Swishing around the mouth a little, before swallowing may leave a nice, shiny coating on your teeth.
  •  You may wish to drink a “chaser” of water after ingesting the oil.

“Many of the great historical cultures had one sacred food which they relied on to ensure strong mind, body, and spirit; fermented fish/fish liver oil. The Mighty Roman Soldier was given a daily ration of fermented fish oil. The Stoic Scandinavian Viking had a drum of fermenting cod livers outside the door of his home. Grandma always had a bottle of cod liver oil in the back cupboard.”  -Green Pastures