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Coffee Break, Energizing Coffee Substitute

(22 customer reviews)

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  • Coffee Break gives you sustained energy without caffeine!
  • Start each morning radiant and energized with Coffee Break!
  • Immune boosting properties from added Chaga and Reishi mushrooms.
  • High in anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals in each serving! Non-acidic!
  • Natural energy from Maca Root won't cause jitters, adrenal fatigue, or stiffness like caffeine.
  • A rich, bold coffee flavor made from Gluten-Free Barley & Rye extracts.
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Watch Sky make a Smart Coffee Break

Coffee Break blended with Smart Cream for a healthy morning boost. Made with roasted roots and grains to create a rich, bold coffee-flavor; with Maca Root to give you energy and a natural vitality boost!!

Feel more naturally alive with a caffeine-free boost from Coffee Beak! Chicory alone makes a pretty good coffee substitute, but we’ve added in bold flavored herbs like Dandelion to give it more of that coffee punch. A great coffee substitute for IBS, as it is low-acidic. It can also substitute espresso powder!!

Avoid the caffeine fatigue and jittery, irritated nerves that coffee can cause for some.

Get your mornings off to a healthy start with our caffeine-free natural energy drink that makes the best coffee substitute!

Serving Info

  • Serving size: 2 grams (2 tsp)
  • Servings per container: 14 or 84 or 224
Our herbal coffee substitute is like no other, it taste great and gives you energy without caffeine! Mix Coffee Break with Cacao Elixir and Smart Cream Coconut Creamer to create a super-nutrient-dense Coco Mocha Latte. Serve hot or blend with ice… there is perhaps no beverage as amazing and divine. 

SUPERBLEND: Make it a Mocha Latte! Coffee Break is great but even better when combined with Cacao Elixir and Smart Cream!

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2.25 × 7.5 cm

1 lb., 1 oz., 6 oz.

22 reviews for Coffee Break, Energizing Coffee Substitute

  1. stacy greenberg

    This product is amazing! I needed a substitute for coffee for medical reasons. I tried every coffee substitute I could find or order online. My cupboard was filled with the options available. I tossed out one after another, after another but this product, I now would drink rather than coffee! It makes me feel fantastic with more energy than I’ve had in years. It doesn’t bother my condition as most others did and now, I do not want to start my day without it! God bless Medicinal Foods for this product!! You must see how wonderful this makes you feel! I’m definitely a loyal customer now, thank you!!

  2. John

    Nice Product, I would love it and recommend to all.

  3. Mary Gray

    Coffee Break is the BEST! I’ve quit caffeine 500 times and I always reach my breaking point…Now with Coffee Bread I’ve got something 100x more satisfying than those lattes…It’s easy, it tastes good and it’s healthy. It’s my daily Reward! Mary Gray

  4. Cherie (verified owner)

    Amazing blend! I’ve used this to wean off coffee and it’s been a lifesaver. The delicious roasty flavor and the dense nutrients make it a healthy pleasure. I recommend it to all of my friends! If this medicine is for you, you will know! Highly recommend! Many thanks to Sky and the Medicinal Foods team for providing top quality healing goodies!

  5. Terence Singerline (verified owner)

    I was fortunate to find this product in Southern Oregon..I do not drink coffee and get too amped out on caffeinated tea’s and found this mind blowing product in my Co/Op in Ashland.. I had tried a few other mushroom/ chicory based drinks but ‘Coffee Break” mushroom drink was the perfect combination for me..It’s a rich drink and pairs perfectly with cream..This time of the year is cold,damp and rainy in the Pacific Northwest and this is truly a reward to come home to.. I love the fact that it’s nutritious and delicious all at the same time..If you happen to see it in your favorite Natural Food Store grab it before it’s gone..

  6. Christine (verified owner)

    Coffee break is so good. I am a serial coffee drinker and wanted to cleanse from it along with save money at retail stores. This not only tastes good but I didn’t get headaches like I usually do from stopping coffee. Highly recommend!

  7. Shani (verified owner)

    As someone who has purchased this product multiple times, I would recommend it. I bought it the first time because of the healing powers of mushrooms, and continue to buy it because in addition to it’s health benefits, it’s yummy. Thank you MedicinalFoods for the amazing products!

  8. Mia OBrien (verified owner)

    Coffee Break is the best alternative coffee i have ever tried. It is smooth and rich and it tastes especially great with the Cacao Elixir! Thank you Sky for this fantastic product!

  9. Heidi Moretti (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Coffee Break and have been using it for years. It tastes great with a splash of cream and also with the Cacao Elixir. I wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s calming and energizing at the same time. Thanks, Medicinal Foods!

  10. Philip McLemore (verified owner)

    Coffee was killing my stomach but I loved it so much in the morning. Coffee Break and the Chocolate Elixir have been wonderful substitutes. The taste is great and it feels so much better to be consuming super foods as a part of the experience.

  11. Julia (verified owner)

    I tried Coffee Break. I LOVE IT. I was in the ‘splurge’ mode and thought to myself ‘just try it so you can say TRIED IT’..and I did..and I was pleasantly surprised with how DELICIOUS it IS! I made it a Cafe-Mocha and WOW it was just AMAZING. I will be a loyal user of this product! OH and I looked at the cost of the ‘other’ suppliers..this brand is cheaper! Win WIN!! Very HAPPY with this!

  12. Irene (verified owner)

    It tastes great, dissolves quickly. I’ll sometimes add the Cacao Elixir for a mocha drink! And love that I can have a rich coffee taste in the later evening, and not worry about falling asleep!

  13. Julia (verified owner)

    Coffee Break is great!

  14. Mary Beth (verified owner)

    Coffee Break gave me more energy, WITHOUT CAFFEINE! I have not been sleeping thru the night…I tried several remedies. Last night I slept…WHY? Coffee Break came in at Joshua Tree Health Foods and they called me…I went immediately and bought it! I was out of it for over a week. There’s something in it that truly helps me sleep! I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight! I typically only need it once a day. Mary Beth

  15. Tammy (verified owner)

    Easy to navigate website. The product is amazing. Very prompt service

  16. Desiree (verified owner)

    Always love your products!

  17. CARRIE (verified owner)

    Helping me kick my coffee habit!

  18. Julie (verified owner)

    I wanted to quit coffee but was having a hard time letting go of the taste and the warm drink in the mornings.
    This product made quitting coffee effortless as I still get the taste plus the warm drink in the mornings but without all of the side effects. Plus, I get all of the benefits of the mushrooms! I LOVE this product and highly recommend it. Thank you!

  19. Chele (verified owner)

    My morning Shroom Latte habit has gone to a whole new level

  20. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    Ever since my Thyroid was removed I really struggled with energy, even just getting out of bed. My Naturopath told me drinking coffee was hard on my organs, endocrine system, adrenals and leeched calcium from the body. No B Vitamins or anything would give me the energy I used to have.

    Since I’ve been using Coffee Break the lack of energy has turned into a sustained energy. It’s been better than coffee giving me back a quality of life that was missing for a long time. Now I’m doing well throughout the day with bounce in my steps. I take Coffee Break to work with me at 6AM in my thermoses and drink thought the day.

    I’ll drink some cups when I get home too and I don’t have an afternoon crash at all! It’s like putting on a pair of magic shoes that fits so well it’s like you never had to break them in. I’m drawn to it in some way I’m not sure why. It’s just like, WOW!.

  21. Janice (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the money. I love that I can have all the benefits in one supplement/product.

  22. Lesley Fernow

    Best coffee substitute I have tried. Really great.

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