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X Factor Vitamin Benefits

Green Pasture X-Factor Gold HVBO is a highly absorbable source of Vitamin K2

Highly recommended by Dr. Weston Price as part of his protocol for healing cavities naturally, this ancient food source is rich in Fat-Soluble vitamins such as A and D.

Receive your fat soluble vitamins from HVBO and build healthy bones and teeth as well as hair, skin and nails.

Green Green Pasture\'s X-Factor Gold Ingredient Label

Used as part of this Cavity Healing Protocol, incorporating Weston Price's principals.

Green Pastures Butter Oil

How is HVBO good for my teeth?

The amount of calcium in your teeth is in flux. High vitamin butter oil teeth are able to retain more calcium.

Calcium is flowing in and out of your teeth, depending on where it is needed in the body.

Vitamin D regulates this entire process! When levels of Vitamin D are low, not only is no calcium sent to the teeth, but it is robbed from your teeth!

Unchecked this phenomenon can result in periodontal disease and weakened teeth. Vitamin D is also directly responsible for creating the Cementum which binds your teeth to the bones in your mouth.

It also appears that the gene which controls Periodontal disease is regulated by a receptor controlled by, guess what?

Vitamin D. Two new studies have linked low levels of vitamin D with Cognitive Impairments, or Brain Fog.

Subjects with low Vitamin D levels scored twice as low on mental testing.

Contains The X-Factor: Vitamin K1 and K2

Vitamin K is what Dr. Weston Price termed the X-Factor, or Activator-X. Green Pastures Brand of

HVBO has plenty of Vitamin K, which is lacking in the the modern diet.

Previously associated with blood-clotting, newer studies shows the Vit. K harnesses special proteins that have an organizational ability to distribute calcium and phosphorous in teeth and bones.

Simultaneously, the calcium is inhibited from calcifying soft tissues in your kidneys, arteries and other parts of the body.

Dr. Price found that an unbalanced ration of calcium to phosphorous created a host of ailments in the body, including cavities and tooth infections. He found the best ration was bout 2.5 : 1 Calcium to Phosphorous.

One of Dr. Price's dramatic case stories involved a 14-year-old girl who healed a mouthful of cavities by following his nutritional protocol.

By taking Activator X concentrate and high-vitamin cod liver oil capsules three times daily during the space of seven months, she experienced the complete healing of the whopping 42 cavities she had in 24 teeth.

Vitamin K is crucial to both delivering calcium to the bones as well as preventing calcification in the body.

Product Highlights

  • High vitamin butter oil is the Best Source of Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • This HVBO is not heated; oil extracted with centrifugation
  • More nutrients than Ghee
  • Pure, clean and nutrient rich, sacred food
  • Great for Teeth, Bones, Skin and Hair

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