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Gourmet Chocolate Covered Almonds.

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100% Certified organic Chocolate covered gourmet almonds, Sprouted, salted organic almonds on the inside, nutrient-dense superfood raw chocolate on the outside! It’s rare these days to find a raw organic almonds, let alone sprouted and pesticide-free ones! Order this delicious Gourmet Chocolate Covered Almonds today!

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the product will not arrive melted. Despite our adherence to strict cold pack protocols, extended exposure to external temperatures during transit may result in melting. We recommend promptly retrieving the product upon delivery to minimize this risk. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Chocolate covered almonds, healthy snack, great source of energy, superfood-rich!
  • Dehydrated at low temperature to retain nutrients and give the freshest, crunchiest taste!
  • You'll love the touch of raw, evaporated, Mineral-rich Cane-Juice, lightly sweetened
  • With a dash of sea salt, they're bursting with flavor & nutrient-dense gourmet superfoods!
  • Organic Sprouted Almond orchard blossoming; harvested and sprouted in pure, high-mineral water
  • Almonds are a healthy source of protein and are one of the only Alkaline-forming nuts

Our chocolate covered almonds make a great snack, are great source of energy, and are covered with our amazing superfood-rich chocolate. This is not your ordinary Chocolate! Experience the feeling and alertness that comes with just one bite!

Almonds are known as one of the only Alkaline-forming nuts. It’s rare these days to find a raw almond, let alone sprouted and pesticide-free ones!

Directions / Suggested Use

  • Open bag and proceed to bliss.
These Spanish almonds, sprouted in pure, high-mineral water, dehydrated at low temperature and covered in sea salt and Medicinal Foods Original Shamans Blend” Superfood Raw Chocolate.

Recipes with this product

    Bursting with flavor and nutrient-dense superfoods!There is nothing quite like the sweet and crunchy taste of chocolate covered almonds. They have become a go-to snack that have become more widely available, in many varieties, in recent years. We live in an era with constant contact between distant cultures.

    To combine these two foods is common-sensical because it unites two delicious basic ingredients both of which, if cultivated conscientiously, have resoundingly positive health benefits. So where does this brown, oval shaped nut come from? The tree, Prunus amygdalus, is native to the country of Iran and surrounding areas of the Middle East.

    The fruit of the tree has a thick grey-green coat, and inside is a woody brown shell which contains the seed which we consume. The tree was thus named because of the seed’s resemblance to the amygdala gland in our brain. It’s popularity, symbolism and usage is very ancient and is actually alluded to several times in the Bible’s Old and New Testament.

    In fact, Sephardic Jews (a sect from Spain) give 5 of them to guests during special ceremonies like weddings. Their optimal condition for cultivation is the Mediterranean climate, which has dry and hot summers with cool and wet winters. It has been grown in southern European countries, northern Africa, and more recently in the United States.

    Today California alone accounts for roughly 55% of world sales. But the state passed a law in 2007 which mandates that every single seedling to be pasteurized with propylene oxide, an acutely toxic carcinogen, effectively halting the potential health benefits they could have.

    Fortunately, when they are imported into the United States they are not required to be treated with this toxic chemical.

    The health benefits of this ancient nut are plenty-fold, and include: High in Fiber and Protein A one ounce serving contains 3.5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein with a comparatively low level of calories at 161.

    Fiber is an excellent nutrient for digestion and proteins are a naturally efficient source of energy. Fiber and protein also both give the sensation of fullness despite having a low caloric content, which may help with appetite control and a potential supporter of weight-loss.

    Rich in Antioxidants Antioxidants are produced naturally by the body and can be found in many foods. They are compounds that fight against oxidative damage cause by unstable molecules that will cause long-term disease. They are also one of the best natural sources of Vitamin E, which has been linked to lowering rates of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

    The maximize the anti-oxidative properties the brown skin of the nut needs to be eaten. It itself contains flavonols, hydroxybenzoic acids, and aldehydes, all which have been shown to counteract degenerative diseases. Since most of the antioxidant content is found in the skin the “blanched” variety of these nuts, which are white and do not have the brown outer skin, should be avoided from a health perspective.

    High in Magnesium Magnesium is a very important mineral to the human body that is involved with several hundred body processes, and a once ounce serving contains 20% of the recommended daily intake. It is also been shown to lower overall blood pressure, and people with low amounts of Magnesium in their bodies are at a much greater risk for heart disease. Overall, these brown amygdala-shaped wonders are an excellent natural source of fiber, protein, Vitamin E and Magnesium and should be eaten raw or lightly roasted (and preferably not from California).

    To make them an even more spectacular treat many companies add a coating to add extra layers of flavor. But caution needs to be heeded because not all of these coatings are made equal. has created an excellent organic raw vegan coating option. Its original Shaman’s Blend of powdered cacao mixed with several other excellent superfood powders is melted into a unique chocolaty blend to coat on top of nuts sourced from Spain.

    Chocolate covered almond calories

    Having an antioxidant-rich superfood snack is certainly a mouth-watering proposition, and some may be concerned with an overload of calories. Fortunately, the Shaman’s Blend is extremely spartan when it comes to cutting out unnecessary caloric sources, and prioritizes just the essentials that give well-rounded nutritional support.

    First off, the raw organic powdered cacao base is by itself an outstanding antioxidant supplement. Since the cacao is stone ground and not roasted, most of the nutritional content is still intact in comparison to roasted varieties (which the industry terms “cocoa”).

    Next in the lineup are superfoods themselves, all certified 100% organic:

    • Lucuma
    • Hemp powder
    • Spirulina
    • Chlorella
    • Ashwagandha Root
    • Mucuna
    • Maca Root

    Each of these have a specialized role in taking care of the numerous interconnected bodily systems. When these powerful ingredients are operating simultaneously the end result is an excellently re-energized immune system that is the true foundation of fighting off diseases as we age.

    Are chocolate covered almonds healthy?

    I can still hear questions coming from the back of the class: “How can something that tastes so good actually be healthy?” It is a good question because we have become accustomed throughout our lives to eating foods that really do taste great, but in the back of our heads we know they are detrimental for our health. Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

    The secret for making a product that can simultaneously be great tasting on the front end and also boost our immune systems is how conscientiously the root ingredients have been sourced. For example, an astute product researcher seeking to build the healthiest possible product will certainly have discovered that California had passed the 2007 law (mentioned above) that adds a carcinogenic layer to this prized and ancient seed.

    These fine details are important to people who are truly dedicated to combining only the finest ingredients. The end result is not only deliciousness but also a product that is charged with conscious awareness and an eye for purity. One of the shortcuts to modern, industrial food production is adding either sugar or excess salt to add to taste to make what are otherwise extremely healthy foods compromised in their overall nutritional value.

    Chocolate covered almonds are often produced in this way, but’s recipe is an excellent example of how healthy ingredients can be combined into a snack food that is both delicious and good for you!

    Weight.23 kg
    Dimensions5 × 2.25 × 7.5 cm

    1 oz., 6 oz.

    3 reviews for Gourmet Chocolate Covered Almonds.

    1. Margot Goldstein

      I was scared to try these Chocolate Sprouted Almonds. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! more more more!

    2. Cher (verified owner)

      LOVE these Chocolate Sprouted Almonds! Wish I had 100 more packs. Delicious and nutritious and satisfying

    3. Maryam k. (verified owner)

      Can’t have enough Chocolate Sprouted Almonds! The flavor of the chocolate and the light, crunchy almonds, mixed together is so perfect and a great dessert!

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