Chocolate Covered Almonds

  • A healthy snack, great source of energy, covered with our amazing superfood-rich chocolate
  • Dehydrated at low temperature to retain nutrients and give the freshest, crunchiest taste!
  • You'll love the touch of raw, evaporated, Mineral-rich Cane-Juice, lightly sweetened
  • With a dash of Vanilla and Sea Salt, they're bursting with flavor & nutrient-dense superfoods!
  • Organic Spanish Almond orchard blossoming; harvested and sprouted in pure, high-mineral water
  • Almonds are a healthy source of protein and are one of the only Alkaline-forming nuts

Sprouted, salted organic almonds on the inside, nutrient-dense superfood raw chocolate on the outside!

It’s rare these days to find a raw organic almond these days, let alone sprouted and pesticide-free ones!

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6 oz. $18.95
6 servings ( $3.16 / serving )
  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair-Trade
  • Sustainably Harvested

Full Description

Our chocolate covered almonds make a great snack, are great source of energy, and are covered with our amazing superfood-rich chocolate. This is not your ordinary Chocolate!  Experience the feeling and alertness that comes with just one bite!

Ingredients List (click each to expand)

  • Raw and Organic, Sprouted Spanish Almonds
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals
    • Low temperature dried to maintain nutrients, flavor, and crunch!
    • Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free!
  • Organic Arriba Raw Cacao Powder (Theobroma cacao)
    • 100% pure, certified organic, fair-trade, sustainably harvested, and stone-ground
    • We use only the highest quality Arriba cacao variety
    • Our proprietary raw curing process retains the highest nutrient and anti-oxidant properties
  • Shaman's Blend™ ( blend of the following superfoods: )
    • Lucuma Powder - Pouteria lucuma, "South American Eggfruit"
      • In Peru, it is more commonly used as a flavor in juice, milk shakes, and especially ice cream.
      • Its unique flavor has been described variously as being similar to sweet potato, maple syrup, or butterscotch.
    • Organic Hemp Protein
      • Excellent source of vegan protein and soluble fiber
      • Hemp protein contains all 10 essential amino acids and no phytates
      • Also provides potassium, magnesium, and vitamins C, B, A and E
    • Pure Spirulina Powder (Blue-green algae, Arthrospira maxima)
      • Tested and guaranteed free of heavy metals
      • Contains all essential amino acids
      • Anti-inflammatory properties
      • Complete protein superfood
    • Pure Chlorella (Green algae, Chlorella vulgaris )
      • Tested and guaranteed to be free of heavy metals
      • Colon purifier, detoxifier
      • Complete protein superfood
      • High in polyunsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals
      • Helps with weight control
    • Ashwagandha Root Powder (Withania somnifera)
      • Known as “Indian Ginseng”
      • Ayurvedic tonic to improve sleep and relaxation
      • Aphrodisiac
      • Improves longevity
    • Mucuna Powder (Mucuna pruriens)
      • Immune System Booster
      • Skin tonic
      • Aphrodisiac, increases sperm count
      • Increases production of body’s own Human Growth Hormone
      • Energetic, vitality booster
      • Brain tonic, regulates serotonin, antidepressant qualities
    • Organic Maca Root Powder (Lepidium meyenii)
      • Maca root is from the radish family
      • Optimum Nutrition for Endocrine System
      • Energetic and aphrodisiac
  • Raw Evaporated Mineral-Rich Cane-Juice
    • A pure sweetener high in vitamins and minerals.
  • Vanilla Extract
    • A perfect touch of classic and delicious vanilla flavor
  • Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt
    • Unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with an iron oxide rich volcanic clay called 'alaea'
    • Part of Native Hawaiian cuisine and is used in traditional dishes
    • Traditionally used to cleanse, purify and bless tools, canoes, homes and temples
  • Allergy Warning: made in a factory that processes peanuts, tree nuts and dairy products.

Almonds are known as one of the only Alkaline-forming nuts. It’s rare these days to find a raw almond, let alone sprouted and pesticide-free ones!

Directions / Suggested Use

  • Open bag and proceed to bliss.

These Spanish almonds, sprouted in pure, high-mineral water, dehydrated at low temperature and covered in sea salt and Medicinal Foods Original “Shamans Blend” Superfood Raw Chocolate. 

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Bursting with flavor and nutrient-dense superfoods!

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