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A daily Herbal Tonic to nourish Feminine Energy

Herbs which traditionally enhance Female Hormonal Balance including menstrual cramp relief using traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs such asWhite Peony (Bai Mudan) and Carthamus (Hong Hua).

Traditionally used for beauty and to build Blood and Upright Chi while increasing Female “Elixirs”.

Works to increase Yin energy. By building Yin Jing rather than Yang Jing, a woman can better balance and regulate female hormones and sexual energies, which can lead to a harmonious state of being and enhanced female libido.


The herbs for women in this blend are ground to a smooth powder to create a delicious mix that you'll want to add to all of your divine culinary creations.

Add this herbal tonic to your favorite recipes, smoothies, and tea!


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Women are the embodiment of Yin.

For over four thousand years, Queens, Empresses and Beautiful women of Asia relied on these “Superior Herbs” to strengthen and nourish their Yin Essence. Ancients ate these Tonic Herbs, as Superfoods,  to build “Yin Blood” and balance female hormones.

By cultivating the yin essence, happiness, love, devotion and yin fluids will build gently over time, for release at just the right moments.

Contains the very best herbs to nourish the Woman’s Yin essence, beautify, balance and build blood Upright Chi, while increasing female “Elixirs.”

  • Schisandra, is considered a Superior Herb revered as having the ability to nourish all 3 treasures, enter all 12 meridians and nurture all 5 elements. Used to beautify the skin, enhance vision and nurture every organ.  With a dual directional ability  center the mind as well as soothes the nerves, Schisandra also as works as an adaptogen to increase the bodies resistance to stress. Also generates vitality and sexual energy. A mild aphrodisiac that is believed to build feminine Water Chi, Brings warmth to genitals and increases female elixirs.
  • Polygala, to connect Kidneys (Marital) with Heart Love, calms emotion and strengthens will.
  • Longan, calming to Spirit and nourishing to blood adding luster to the skin.  Most beautiful women in china ate Longan daily.
  • Asparagus Root, A great Lung and Wisdom tonic, known in Ayurveda as Shatavari
  • Shatavari, translating to, Who has a 100 Husbands, is believed to increases love and devotion. Also improves circulation to pelvic region. said to “put wings on your heart”.  Is said to make one feel lighter. Ancient taoists who ate only Asparagus Root were believed to have developed the ability to fly.  Perhaps metaphorically and Spiritually, however consumption has been reported to induce flying dreams.
  • Lychee, Yin Kidney tonic for happiness, nourishing Liver and Kidney blood.
  • Jujube, one of the two harmonizing herbs besides licorice.  Sweet taste, and blood building.
  • Morinda, for strong bones, tendons and female libido.
  • Dan Gui, helps circulate the Blood, helps to alleviate pain, and regulates menstruation.
  • Carthamus, to move blood and good for menstruation.
  • Dioscoria, for Chi, Yin Jing and Female Testosterone Levels.
  • White Peony to build Yin Blood and regulates female Hormones. Also has anti-spasmodic properties for cramping. Women who have excessive menstruation can enter a chronic cycle of anemia.  By activating the spleens ability to get break food down into energy the woman can build more upright chi. Latest studies show that a vital spleen helps break down the nutrients we need  from our food, especially iron. One of the keys to healthy blood appears to be the refreshing the iron ions inside the red blood cells.

Love Tonic is a powdered superfood sold as an herbal addition to teas, smoothies and on food.

Order some now Womb Yin Nutritive Love Tonic Today…  Your body will Love you for it!.


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