Exercise Modifies Your Genes


DSC_0042It might be kind of hard to believe, but…

you’re modifying your genetic makeup every time you exercise.

Even just one session does the trick!

Humans have known for decades now that exercise can drastically improve brain function. Heart rate is elevated when you work out, which pumps more blood into the body and provides more oxygen for the brain, and it releases all kinds of hormones including dopamine and endorphins that create the sensation of confidence and well-being you feel after a great workout. It also helps the brain establish more connections for neurons, which in turn improves your memory, focus and creative output, and it improves mood and reduces stress, serving as a powerful source of healing for many people.

It’s been known that exercise is incredibly beneficial on a number of levels, but now humans have seen that it affects us all the way down to the very blueprint that makes us what we are. In our pursuit to determine just how exercise really changes us, we’ve discovered that it causes our genes to express certain proteins that in turn elicit physiological changes throughout the body. This is epigenetics; the genes shift their expressions and operations, but the DNA code itself remains the same.

The genes and their expressions are changed through a process known as methylation. In this process, atoms that make up methyl groups become attached to the outside of certain genes and alter their ability to respond to biochemical signals that the body produces. Many things can cause methylation to occur, including the food we eat and our exposure to pollution. A decrease in genetic response to biochemical signals can result in poor health and susceptibility to disease.

Dr. Juleen Zierath, a professor of clinical integrative physiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, was one of a team of scientists that conducted an experiment to see just how much exercise affects methylation in genes. Knowing that these changes arise from a number of sources including our diets and our living conditions, the scientists had their volunteers pedal an exercise bike with only one leg; this would let the scientists see what a volunteer’s methylation processes were like normally, in the unexercised leg, while clearly seeing how exercise could modify those processes by looking at changes in the exercised leg.

Flickr_cc_runner_wisconsin_u“The DNA-code itself didn’t change, ” Dr. Zierath explains, “but the way in which the code was read or the way the DNA was packaged into the cell was changed, because chemical marks from the DNA disappeared. So this changed the perception of other proteins in how they interacted with the DNA.”

What this experiment shows us is that exercise results in efficient genetic activity, which in turn makes our muscles healthier and stronger and alters our neurochemistry in a variety of ways. This is clear proof that exercise is more beneficial than we ever imagined, and it gives us one more reason to consistently hit the gym – as if we needed another!

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