The Healthy RD Easy Detox for 2021

The Healthy RD Easy Detox for 2021!

By Heidi Moretti

Healthy Super Foods Detox Diet

Nutrition Blogger and Functional Nutrition Specialist for Gut Health

It’s a new year, and that means it’s a great time to clean up the diet and by doing so, you help your whole body and mind.

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While some cleanse diets have a fad feel to them, that shouldn’t deter you from optimizing your body’s own detoxification systems by simply eating well.

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After all, when you fuel your body with the best, you will optimize your body’s detoxification enzymes.

If you have been indulging through the holidays, it is best to adapt an easy detox diet that is also gentle.

You can do this by skipping the processed foods and incorporating healing foods and drinks:

  • How about eating a fresh apple instead of a doughnut or pastry?

  • Perhaps instead of a soda grab a ginger tea or ginger kombucha.

  • Have a wholesome soup or salad with root vegetables, greens, and whole protein such as organic chicken, grass-fed meats, or wild fish.

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A nice way to enhance the body’s cleansing abilities is to incorporate extra greens into your diet as well.

Kale Green Smoothie Apple Body Detox

You can blend up a green smoothie with apple, kale, lemon and celery and also add in a scoop of Living Greens powder, which has 10 organic veggies and 4 grasses, fermented and actually tastes amazing.

 Fresh Organic Vegetable Harvest Living Greens Probiotics

Living Greens is loaded in potent enzymes from the fermentation process which helps break down your food and increase nutrient absorption. Supporting herbs like Milk Thistle in the Living Greens help cleanse the Liver.

Detox Blueberry Smoothies Ginger Mint

Another simple smoothie is frozen blueberries, a chunk of fresh ginger root or powder with a tablespoon lid Living Greens, blended. The ginger will help warm the smoothie as well as detox your liver. In a pinch, I simply mix Living Greens with water and it tastes clean and yummy. Very drinkable.

This time of year, Reishi Mushroom can be used since it’s one of the safest Herbs, most studied and excellent for cleansing the Liver.

I also like adding Cordyceps into my diet for enhanced energy and mental clarity too. Research shows that Cordyceps help to improve the body’s production of energy (ATP) by up to 30%.

Cordyceps Mushroom Oxygen Atp Runner

By giving the body a little extra boost from medicinal mushrooms, you may help leave the old year behind and get through the long days of winter easily.

Another great cleanse idea is to use Cacao Elixir, with chia seeds to replace a meal per day. The chia seed will pull out sometimes pounds of undigested material from the colon- plus who wouldn’t want to drink a chocolate superfood smoothie to replace a meal per day?

Organic Arriba Cacao Elixir Medicinal Foods

Cacao Elixir has uplifting and nutritious raw cacao and adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, which support both cleansing and rebuilding in the body. You can make a great warm cocoa drink that is an appetite suppressant and feels like you are seriously indulging at the same time.

It’s time for out with the old and in with the new you—a healthier you that can face obstacles with resilience!

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