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Best Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Medicine Alternative Herbs

People with strong, healthy immune systems seem to have little to no symptoms, and the virus may pass as nothing more than a serious flu.

But why do some viruses seem to wreak havoc in some people?

  • Vitamin D deficiency?
  • Vitamin C or Zinc deficiency?
  • A diet of mostly processed and GMO foods?
  • Electronic frequencies?
  • A prior vax-a-nation?
  • A pre-existing health condition?
  • A compromised immune system?

Regardless of what the true causes of severe cases are, there are true, NATURAL remedies.

But true and NATURAL remedies are not sensational enough for non-stop, 24/7, fear-based news reels.

How exciting is "eat a salad everyday," "get exercise everyday," "sit quietly and focus on deep breathing everyday," "eat a little turmeric, or raw garlic, or sip echinacea," "don’t binge on pleasures and entertainment and sports and violence?"

The media and treadmill of a "normal" life set us all up to trip all over ourselves when the chips were down.

Doesn’t it all seem like some kind of horror movie? It’s the plague! Run for your lives! Stay glued to the news! (And now, a word from our sponsor…)

All this fear-based propaganda and then the pushing of new farm-a-suit-control products that we suddenly need to take in order for us to go back to something normal again—mmm—just seems phar too phishy.

Will most people fall for it? Are we all already programmed, well programmed, everyday, repetitive habit forming… now the rug gets pulled out from under the audience who was glued to their screens.

daily fitness routines
Help stay fit by including macnuts in your diet.
I’ve been preparing long before this virus ever came about—with conscious lifestyle choices—by eating well—by not consuming sugar nor alcohol nor drugs prescribed or otherwise—by knowing herbs and natural medicines and how they work in my own body—by working to be more in-tune with heart-space, to help to be in a good space, to be in a better place, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

We all have a choice—to seek, to do the work, the path is available for us all.

There’s nothing really that spectacular about their “new” version of the coronavirus.

Yes, it’s a virus (we’re pretty sure), and some people are dying, but it seems that it can only really hurt you if you allow it—if you let your guard down—if your immune system is compromised—if you’re consumed with fear?—if you have chosen to life in a fast-pace, in a crowded place?—adrenals constantly floored to the max—coffee every day—on the pleasure wheel.

No one’s perfect. But we all vere in certain directions. And that choice is ours.

I Want Some Natural Remedies Now!

Top Medicinal Foods for Your DietWe can be better prepared to face pathogens by keeping fortified with natural supplements, herbs, medicinal foods, daily practices to align and calibrate our bodies.

There are so many treatment solutions for symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 that there really isn’t a need for a vax.

And trying to make it mandatory vax just shouldn’t happen—it isn’t going to happen! Say it with me. I do not consent!

List of beneficial Natural Medicines & Alternative Treatments:

1) Maintain Healthy Mind & Emotions

Woman Meditation Cbd Bliss The mind is the control center of all bodily functions, including the production of immune system protecting cells.

When we are happy and when we feel safe, our body functions better, we rest better, and we are better equipped to fight off whatever may come our way.
But with fear and stress comes cortisol, the fight/flight hormone, which puts our bodies in a spend, spend, spend mode, not storing up, not repairing, and wearing itself out.

Mindset is #1 – Take a few moments everyday to just sit and focus on your breath, recalibrate yourself. Visualize wellness and prosperity. Hmm a tune or recite a mantra if you’d like.

2) Maintain Alkalinity

heart loving veggies natural living greensJust about all disease, viruses, sickness, bacteria, etc … occur when the pH balance of the body is tooooo acidic. It’s so simple that it seems ineffective. But the fact is, pathogens need an acidic environment to thrive.

So don’t be acidic! Don’t eat sugar, don’t eat processed foods, don’t drink alcohol, don’t drink coffee. It’s too simple, or perhaps just too hard for some people to do.

Be alkaline by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, little to no meats; take a little apple cider vinegar from time-to-time, or even a tea-spoon of baking soda, drinking plenty of water, lemon water is good. There’s all these little things that when you do on a consistent basis, they ad up.

Why is it that people don’t seem to understand that YOU LITERALLY ARE WHAT YOU EAT?

3) Maintain a Healthy Gut

 Fresh Organic Vegetable Harvest Living Greens Probiotics 70-80% of our immune system is in our digestive tract – so eating leafy greens, eating alkalizing foods, and fortifying with plenty of probiotics are all essential action items for maintaining a strong immune system.

There’s a proverb that says:

"The first 2/3 of the food we eat goes to sustain us, and the last third goes to sustain the doctor."

Don’t overeat! This is a very hard one for me, I love to eat, a little too much. I enjoy foods, good foods, I love to cook. But just because I eat whole and healthy foods doesn’t mean I may not have the problems that can occur from overeating.

4) Herbal Remedies


Artemisia Annua Medicinal Plant Artemisia annua L. (Annual Wormwood, Sweet sagewort, mugwort) contains the antimalarial compound artemisinin used to treat malaria, clinical trials support this use.

Now being used to treat C 0 V 1 D in Madagascar;
Beverage made from Artemisa to treat C 0 V 1 D in Madagascar:

Covid Organics By Garreth Brown
Covid Organics Photo By Garreth Brown

Goldenseal, Artemisia, Echinacea, Dandelion, Elder Flower, St. John’s Word, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nettles are all some of my favorite goto herbs that I cycle through on a regular basis. I consume a good amount of superfoods and herbs, someone who kissed me once told me I taste like a plant. Because We ARE what We EAT.

I think for a lot of us we want quick solutions. Herbs tend to work gently and slowly overtime. You’ve got to stick with them.

Cinchona bark (Quinine)

Quinine Medicinal Cinchona Tree Bark Leaves Flowers Quinine is another anti-malaria and seems to work by raising the pH, the alkalinity within cells and their interactions with pathogens.

5) Diet & Superfoods

Eat Alkalizing foods and Reduce Insulin

A high-carb and high-sugar diet, consisting of many processed foods will lead to pH acidity and possibly to insulin resistance as well.

Improving diet, will have overall beneficial health results and build the body’s immunity, and this is something simple that can work in tandem with whatever herbs, supplements, or even medications.

A low-carb, low sugar diet in combination with intermittent fasting may potentially help with metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, high-blood pressure, and diebities, all of which are risk-factors in overall health and wellness.

Eat Reishi Mushroom

Strenthen lungs and increase oxygen flow in the body with Reishi Mushroom Ancients Revered Reishi as the "Mushroom of Immortality," known to be the most potent adaptogen available, can increase resistance to stress; safe to use as a daily tonic.

Eat Cordyceps Mushroom

Traditionally used as tonic to help protect kidneys, adrenals, lungs, and liver. Immune Boosting and may help recovery from bronchitis and respiratory disease. Cordyceps Mushroom

"Cordyceps are such a powerful lung and adrenal tonic; it is so oxygenating that it helped me go from tight, inflamed, mucus-filled lungs to being able to free dive and spearfish over 100 feet—taking only one breath." –Sky Kubby

6) Supplements

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Zinc

There are studies and antedotal reports that show these vitamins and minerals are critical in the body’s fight against pathogens. How do you know if you have enough of these nutrients such as Vitamin D.

Did you know you can have your levels tested? Are Vitamin D tests worth the cost?


The New York Post recently reported about how a Brooklyn mom with coronavirus was saved by the quick thinking of her medical student son, James Bruzzese. James acted quickly by consulting with Dr. Robert Horowitz, a lyme disease specialist who recommended glutathione as a powerful antioxidant to reduce the inflammation from the cytokine storm resulting from the virus. After one 2,000-milligram dose, the family witnessed James’s mom, Josephine’s, miraculous recovery.
Glutathione + Nitric Oxide: Upper Respiratory and Immune Support

Nitric Oxide & Zinc is naturally found in abundance in Cacao


Although not 100% natural, it is based on natural compounds and does not require a vax-a-nation, it’s a ready available treatment that is proving effective


Supplements such as Nano-Silver have been clinically proven to kill pathogens in the body. I take a small amount everyday as a part of my immune boosting routine.

Fortify your immune system with Immune Boosting Supplements

Natural Supplements for Immune System

Nano Silver Powerful Immune System Support
The first line of defense with powerful Nano Silver Products to support a healthy immune system.

A Holistic Message from Dr. Berg on Preventative Measures & Alternative Treatment through Diet & Nutrients

And what is the Real Problem?



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