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Best Vegan Chocolate Bars

Star Anis Chocolate bar

Are vegan chocolate bars good and do they taste the same as the regular ones?

These are the most frequent questions asked about those types and you will find out the answers later in the article so better pay attention.

It, itself, comes from the plant but in the process of going out from its natural state to the store, there is a number of additives added, including sugar and milk. Chocolate is a dark mixture of fruits of the cocoa plant and sugar. The milk ones contains milk, and nuts, vanilla, fruit and various spices that are being added to the snack.

In the past, it was mostly consumed as a beverage because it was not possible to get a solid mixture. Then the chocolate ones were invented and today we usually find it in a solid-state, or cubes that are known to all of us.

Dark snacks is one of the best sources of very specific, very healthy antioxidants called polyphenols and flavanols. Nutrients have been proven to improve health conditions, from cancer to the aging process and almost everything in between.

The darker the snacks, the more powerful the antioxidants. The process of turning it into milk snacks destroys almost all the diet, so maintaining a vegan one makes it a healthier option.

Dark vegan snacks also has other valuable vitamins and minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. It also has an impressive 11 grams of fiber for every 100 gram serving. While not as strong as a cup of coffee, snacks also offers a nice hit of natural stimulation.

Very high-quality snacks actually have a lot of nutritional advantages. Smaller products have a long list of ingredients, that together with cheap fillers such as starchy food and artificial flavours, often contain milk.

So, while most snacks are not like that simply because of the additives, the good news is that there is a lot of those types of options.

Everything marked as "milk snack" usually contains milk and therefore is not appropriate, but many products marked with "dark snack" also contain milk, especially those of low quality.

Consuming high-quality ones has many advantages. For example, it has shown that dark ones are rich in flavonoids that have exceptional antioxidant properties because our body protects us from various diseases, for example, heart disease, and also it slows down the ageing process and thus makes you feel better and look better.

That kind usually contains a stake of cocoa higher than 55%, but of course, the key ingredient is cocoa butter. But without worries, although it sounds different, cocoa butter is of plant origin.

The process begins with a cocoa tree. Farmers harvest the grain of the cocoa between October and December. The reason for putting the beans between the layers of banana leaves for six days is because it drains a wool-like pulp before being dried and sent to the factory for processing.

After that, they disassemble small cases of cocoa grains containing cocoa butter. Cocoa pistons are further refined into the crushes of cocoa mixed with different sugar levels, and sometimes milk, depending on the type that is being made. After removing the grains, the grain of cocoa is mixed into cocoa powder used for baking or drinking.

The milk and milk powder is added to give it a sweeter, creamy and gentle taste from dark snack. A high content of cocoa also makes the snack more brittle, so the milky ones is softer compared.

Dark ones contain high levels of flavonoids. The reason for it being so hard to pass on is because of its bitter and specific taste, to say the least. Being an important antioxidant which plays a role in reducing the risk of different diseases and even cancer, Flavonoid is also tempting to the palate.

Dark ones help the heart work, lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels by as much as 10%. This is not the end of the positive effects of the dark snacks. It has been shown to stimulate the production of endorphins (the hormone of happiness), and it also contains serotonin, a hormone that stabilizes mood.

Vegan friendly chocolate bars

It also contains theobromine and low levels of caffeine, which gives a mildly stimulating effect. You can find that dark ones that have potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and iron in its composition.

All this makes it a useful addition to the diet.

If you are looking for that kind, there are several brands that do not contain dairy products. These can be found almost anywhere, including in your regular store.

They are not sold or marked as such, but they do not contain animal ingredients because that kind does not contain additives or fillers.

Typical snack should contain its liqueur, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.

It consists of three types of fats represented in equal proportions. The first third consists of monounsaturated fats from cocoa (fats that are also found in olive oil).
The other third, which comes mainly from cocoa butter, consists of saturated fats with a neutral effect on cholesterol levels (neither raising nor lowering it). The last third of saturated fats are substances that raise cholesterol and promote weight gain.
Overall, it has a favourable fat ratio and cannot be said to be thicker. However, substances that unfortunately make you fat are added to the snack, primarily sugar and milk.

Dark ones are an excellent option for people that do not consume meat. Several companies have achieved a creamy texture using ingredients without dairy products, including coconut milk, oatmeal, and even hazelnut butter.

Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat it in unlimited quantities. If you want to achieve positive health effects, eat up to 100 grams of dark ones a day.

Eating one square or two dark snacks a day brings some additional health benefits. Dark ones contain flamulol, a natural compound that may help protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

It is also known that Flavanoli lowers blood pressure. Short-term tests have revealed that Flavanoli in snacks can increase insulin sensitivity, which means that, long-term, it can reduce the risk of diabetes. Dark ones are also a good source of iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

It comes from cocoa, bush or trees, so it is already different in itself. It becomes non-vegan only in the process in which they add many additives, including sugar and milk or milk fat. The quality snacks contain a larger share of cocoa, clean ingredients, and no harmful supplements.

What chocolate bar is vegan?

Despite all possible additions, most snacks are still being used without any hesitation and it is a good thing that some people are increasingly dedicated to the production of that, so the selection is increasing. There are different milky types of snacks for anyone that loves those types that contain some form of milk. In that case, milk of animal origin replaces almond or rice milk.

One of the most common issues is "What about Chocolate? Is it for people that do not consume meat?" One simple answer to that is: "Of course, it comes from beans!" Which, of course, is true. It comes from jam from cocoa trees, making it of course, different.
But then someone else will probably be confused and give you a strange look because it is obviously not the answer they expected.

Regardless of dietary restrictions, it is essential. Whether you eat it every day or enjoy it as an occasional treat, it is crucial to find satisfying unique types. There are now more options for everyone and those with dairy allergies than ever before.

Here are a few brands of that kind that are specially made to be different and sold and marked as such. Most of these markers are also organic:

  • SunSpire and tropical source
  • Chocolate chips with whole groceries
  • Full food Mark dark snack bars and dark snack bars with almonds
  • Dagoba
  • Flame Organic Vegan Chocolate
  • Terra Nostra Rice Milk Vegan Choco Bars
  • Medicinal Foods

If you are looking for that kind, there are several brands that do not contain dairy products, or to be more specific, those without whey and without Casein. These snacks can be found almost anywhere, including in your regular store.

That is what we would call accidental vegan, ie. they are not sold or marked as such, but they do not contain animal ingredients because that it does not contain additives or fillers. You might also like to look for local ones, as you will probably have many available options.

Most black snacks are now exclusively for people that do not consume meat, so we will not allice them in this list, but a couple of examples of those previously mentioned black snacks are Heidi, Lindt, Hachez, Wellbe, Simka, etc.

Milk (and powdered milk) are added to chocolate to become creamy and less intense than dark snacks. However, given the increasing number of population that do not consume milk and dairy products, vegan chocolate bars began to appear on the market without products of animal origin.


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