Living Healthy With Chocolate

Did Hippocrates know about chocolate? He was known as the father of medicine, and said, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

He believed there to be healing properties in the food we eat.

Therefore, we must be mindful of what we consume during meals and snacks and to not just eat whatever is presented to us:

Raw cacao powder, chocolate bars, anise, cinnamon
  • Is it GMO-free?

    Aztec Cacao Tranditional Art
  • Is it Organic?

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  • Are their hidden additives?

  • What's this content on the label (nutritional facts)?

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  • Is it healthy?

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Unfortunately, we often become conscious of what we eat when it\'s too late. We get sick and the doctor tells us to not eat foods with high sugar/carbohydrates, bad cholesterol, caffeine, etc. Sometimes we just acquired these eating habits based on how we were brought up as kids and those practices turned to habits. But the good news is, information is everywhere.

With the advent of the internet, facts about the healing properties of foodstuff becomes available to us in just one click!

Raw Healing Spices and Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate is a Superfood?

Yes you read that right! Chocolate and cacao powder are packed with nutrients that benefits us in many ways. Living healthy with chocolate means the kind of chocolate we consume should be the right kind. We must embrace another level of critical chocolate awareness. Here\'s one very important thing to look for in the chocolate isle:

How is it sweetened?

Most of the harmful effects that people associate with chocolate, such as being bad for the teeth and skin, are actually associated with the high sugar content. Medicinal Foods superfood chocolate is 70% dark and under 25 on the Glycemic Index.

The sweetener is Raw, Evaporated Cane Juice, a mineral-rich whole food that can actually strengthen the teeth with its mineral content. Another question to ask is was the chocolate processed to allow for the highest retention of nutrients possible?

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At Medicinal Foods, we make sure that the cacao beans used make into chocolate is fermented, in the traditional ways, but not roasted. Roasting cacao beans greatly reduces their antioxidant level.

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Here are the ways how raw cacao powder and chocolate may help you:

  • gives you high energy especially when you need an extra-boost
  • boosts your immune system (high in antioxidants)
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke (flavinols)
  • an effective prebiotic (food) for good bacteria in the body commonly in the gut (flavinols)
  • creates bliss brain chemicals (anandamide & tryptophan)
  • creates love brain chemicals responsible for bringing a sense of clarity and alertness (Phenylethylamine)
  • relaxes the muscles (magnesium)
  • raw cacao retains nutrients and health benefits
  • responsible for blood formation (iron, copper, & manganese)
  • regulates blood sugar (chromium)
  • great for metabolism (zinc)
Cacao Powder Nibs Beans Bar

Download the free The Raw Chocolate Diet ebook to learn more about the benefits of chocolate and cacao powder or read more on The Delicious Perks of Chocolate.

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Raw Chocolate Espresso Pie!