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Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms in Females

Emotions and Chemistry of Hormones Chart

There are several hormonal imbalance symptoms in females that can be easily recognized.

A large number of factors contribute to imbalances in men and women.

Health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems or tumour growth can cause hormone imbalance.

In addition, the nutritional deficit, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, lack of physical fitness and excessive stress lead to disorders in balance.

Women are increasingly prone to this problem during menopause or pregnancy.

Moreover, the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, taking contraceptives or antibiotics can lead to a high level of estrogen and progesterone.

The most common symptoms of imbalances are anxiety, hormonal headaches, night sweating, acne, obesity, lack of appetite, having a hard time with concentration, right-handed problems and body scent.

A person can suffer from irritability, change in mood, disturbing feelings and low sex urges.

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Digestive problems such as digestive interference, bloating, nausea and gases are some of the most common causes of hormone disorder.

Women who suffer from imbalances may have symptoms such as polycystic ovaries, painful periods, breast sensitivity, dryness, uterine fibroids and urinary tract infections.

Infertility, endometriosis and osteoporosis can also be caused by an imbalance in women. Treatment of fundamental problems, such as thyroid problems or diabetes may help solve imbalances.

In certain cases, drugs can treat problems. In addition, healthy nutrition and physical activity may help with efficient problem-solving.

Balance problems inside the body can cause a number of different problems, with easily noticeable symptoms. Acne is usually associated with imbalances, as well as frequent headaches as a result of low estrogen levels.

Progesterone deficiency causes insomnia, and can also cause increased sweating, if they are not at the optimal level. Everyday unexplainable fatigue, loss of focus and even hairline loss occur in women, as well as digestive problems and constant hunger, which is connected to the hormones of a leptaneous and ghrelin.

The good news is that a change of lifestyle can really get things back to normal. Regular physical activity and balanced diet are the first steps towards the harmonization.

The transition to a healthy lifestyle will definitely affect the processes that take place in your body. But what many do not know is that women need different vitamins and minerals, precisely because of different ones that lead to biochemical processes within the body.

Female hormone imbalance

They are chemical messengers of your body. They help control many main processes of your body, including metabolism and reproduction.

When you have an imbalance, you have too much or too little of a certain one. Even small changes can have serious consequences on your whole body.

Estrogen is a primary female sex hormone. It affects the increase in mass and the creation of fatty deposits, which are also storage of strict.

The lack of estrogen causes various symptoms such as absence or irregular menstrual bleeding, libidinal decline, premature menopause, inability to conceive, change in mood.

Progesterone is another important hormone for women, which together with estrogen regulates the cycle, ie the changes in the ovarian and uterus. He is important during pregnancy because the outcome of the pregnancy and the health of the baby depends on that.

That is why it is called a "pregnancy protector". After childbirth, its concentration decreases. Progesterone deficiency can be recognized according to symptoms such as irregular menstruation, the inability to maintain pregnancy, premature birth or spontaneous abortion.

Causes that can lead to the state of imbalance among hormones are inevitable phases in women. These disorders are significant during puberty, premature, as well as during the premenstrutal period.

The possible cause of the imbalance is a long-term and uncontrolled use of hormonal preparations for preventing conception. Other causes can be the consequences of certain diseases and are most often diabetes and the diseases of the thyroid gland.

In women, the most common imbalance is the syndrome of polycystic ovaries (PCOS).

Symptoms of this condition specific to women include:

  • Heavy or irregular menstruation, menstrual arrest or frequent menstruation
  • Hirsutism
  • Acne on face, chest or upper back
  • Thinning hair or hair loss
  • Weight gain or weight loss problems
  • Skin blackout, especially with wrinkles on the neck, in the groin and under the chest
  • Leather markings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vagina atrophy
  • Pain during sex
  • Night sweating

Many causes of imbalances in women are related to reproductive ones. Frequent causes include:

  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • PCOS
  • Premature menopause
  • Drugs such as birth control tablets
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency

Estrogen and progesterone, the two most important ones that are created every month in a woman’s body, often come into a state of imbalance and disturbed relationship. They need to know that the irregular relationship of these most important ones and changes in their creation is subject to women at any stage of life.

Disorders are treated depending on the type of disorder, for example, polycystic ovarian syndrome, as well as other disruptions to the irregularity of menstruation, or excessive bleeding and pain during cycles.

The first piece of advice is to change the diet and throw out all the processed food, especially that is full of sugar, to stabilize sugar in the blood. The food must be full of protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fat.

Certainly strive to establish a regular sleeping pattern to get the required dose of sleep every night. The dream is key to achieving balance.

To achieve a balance and reduce the symptoms of disorders, it is recommended to also take dietary supplements, especially those with ingredients that encourage the secretion of some or their stabilization.

Due to the more complex composition in organisms, they are especially sensitive in women. Especially in modern times, when we are constantly exposed to stress and extremely emotional and mental efforts, different cognitive and physical interference, caused by the problems.

Therefore, it is important to spot the emergence of classic characteristics of this disorder and change something.

Signs of hormonal imbalance in females

Today, imbalances are getting more present due to the modern lifestyle, and in addition, certain ones decline with age. Some people find it easier to tolerate imbalances, while others experience dramatic changes.

Most women in this day suffer from some disorders, the most common PCOS or PMS. In addition, a large number of women suffers from a series of problems associated with early menopause.

There is solid evidence that a whole range of factors from our lives affect the balance in the organism that is necessary for health. Due to the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, a whole range of problems happens. The lack of estrogen causes numerous symptoms.

An imbalance can also increase the risk of cancer occurrence.

The risk of breast cancer is associated with the dominance of estrogen and its derivatives. With reduced ovulation and reducing the secretion of progesterone, there is an increased secretion of estrogen, which affects excessive growth of stations, thus increasing the number of mutations, ie the tumour cells.

Many important processes in our bodies are controlled by hormones. So when production is disturbed, it affects our mood, behaviour and appearance. But how to recognize that the problem is caused by this, and which of them exactly?

Sudden appearance of acne

Acne can occur if your pores are clogged. However, some doctors claim that the appearance of acne can often be caused by sudden changes in the body.

For example, a very low level of androgen leads to the appearance of acne all over the body. Such things can often be seen during the teenage years when it is really hard to get rid of acne.

Frequent headaches

According to the endocrinologist, the reason you often have a headache (except stress and fatigue) can be a low estrogen level. Estrogen is a female one produced in the ovaries and controls all metabolic processes in the brain.

If you have too much or too little estrogen, it can be a cause of migraine or a constant bad mood.

Frequent insomnia

Progesterone can relax, calm down and normalize sleep.

Changes at the level of this often lead to insomnia. Estrogen and progesterone are very low in women who just gave birth. Therefore, some women may have trouble sleeping during this period. But that should not happen in other situations.

Increased sweating

Sudden sweating is the most common sign that something is wrong with your balance. Hormones control the body temperature, so if you have a kind of imbalance, it may be very hot at once.

Experts claim that this symptom is common after menopause when the levels are very unstable. In other cases, this symptom indicates that there is a problem in the body.

Constant fatigue

Anyone from us, from time to time, feels tired, but if you are always tired, even when you rest, it can be a sign of imbalances. Experts say that chronic fatigue can be caused by problems in the production of thyroid.

A sudden change of weight

The disadvantage or excess production of certain ones can make the body keep the fat and lose muscle mass. For example, a high level of estrogen, cortisol or insulin with low testosterone can lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

And the low level of thyroid slows down the metabolism and leads to an increase in body mass.

Hair loss

Excess hair loss can be caused by thyroid, insulin or testosterone. When women have a high level of testosterone, they often become bald. Due to individual conditions, ones obtained from testosterone tries to destroy hair follicles leading to hair loss.

Digestive problems

Many people were probably in a situation when, because of nervousness, they had some digestive problems. Such an effect is caused by great dismissal for stress. Studies have shown that a high level of them in ovaries can lead to abdominal pain.

Uncontrolled hunger

Our bodies synthesize that are responsible for our appetite and hunger. The imbalance of these leads to uncontrolled hunger.

The doctors found that there are two that should be balanced in order to get hunger under control and they are Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin reduces hunger when we ate something and Grelin works the opposite. He informs us when it’s time for a meal.

Memory loss

Constantly forgetting and weak concentration can be caused by different factors, and can be one of the hormonal imbalance symptoms. And again, everything revolves around the low level of cortisol and estrogen.

Studies have shown that low estrogen levels can lead to an inability to focus. And the low cortisol level affects short-term memory.

Change in breast appearance

Changing breast size is one of the most serious signs that something happened in the body. An abrupt reduction of estrogen levels affects the humidity and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, breasts can lose their shape, volume and size.


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