Colon Hydrotherapy Tips and Tricks Interview: Go With The Flow!

Medicinal Foods Radio: Sky Kubby Interviews Susan Salis


Included in this Interview:

Cleansing Protocols, Healthy Elimination Diet and more...

Colon Hydrotherapy and some of these amazing tips and tricks tricks can get you feeling like a million bucks!

  • Does every person need Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonics ?
  • How can you tell by looking at your body you have a Dirty Large Intestine (Colon) ?
  • What does “Be the Inspector” mean ?……** Susan explains to the listeners what a good, healthy Elimination looks like.
  • Learn about Certain food Categories that harm the Gut lining/ Immune System, Colon/Large Intestine and the rest of the body.
  • How does a person get back to "Vibrant Health"….Where do they start ?
  • What are the top five Essential Tools for a Cleansing Protocol ?
  • What would a person experience on a Over All Body Cleanse ?
  • What does “Die Off" mean” ?
  • What have you witnessed in the Glass Tube in the Colon Hydrotherapy Device ?

Gut Lining/Immune System and Lymph System:

  • How do you know if you have “Leaky Gut” or Inflamed Sores on the inside of your body ?
  • How do you Jump Start the Immune System to Start the "Healing Process” ?
  • What Depletes your Good Healthy Flora Inside and Outside of your Body ?
  • Learn how “ Not all Probiotics are the same”
  • What is going on in the Probiotic World ?
  • Learn About Homemade Probiotics.
  • What does the Lymphatic System have to do with the Gut Lining/Immune System?
  • How is the Gut and the Brain Connected ?

2 thoughts on “Colon Hydrotherapy Tips and Tricks Interview: Go With The Flow!

  1. Wow! Loved this presentation. I am curious about using fermented foods when you have an issue with high histamine levels in the body. Thoughts?

    1. Glad you enjoyed the interview! Having issues with histamines in the past I can relate to your concern, however feel the advantages of incorporating some tormented foods far outweigh the disadvantages. Let moderation be your guide and I suggest combining sour kraut or other ferments with a salad so it’s not too much on your system and your teeth (acidic).

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