Colon Hydrotherapy Tips and Tricks Interview: Go With The Flow!

Medicinal Foods Radio: Sky Kubby Interviews Susan Salis


Included in this Interview:

Cleansing Protocols, Healthy Elimination Diet and more...

Colon Hydrotherapy and some of these amazing tips and tricks tricks can get you feeling like a million bucks!

  • Does every person need Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonics ?
  • How can you tell by looking at your body you have a Dirty Large Intestine (Colon) ?
  • What does “Be the Inspector” mean ?……** Susan explains to the listeners what a good, healthy Elimination looks like.
  • Learn about Certain food Categories that harm the Gut lining/ Immune System, Colon/Large Intestine and the rest of the body.
  • How does a person get back to "Vibrant Health"….Where do they start ?
  • What are the top five Essential Tools for a Cleansing Protocol ?
  • What would a person experience on a Over All Body Cleanse ?
  • What does “Die Off" mean” ?
  • What have you witnessed in the Glass Tube in the Colon Hydrotherapy Device ?

Gut Lining/Immune System and Lymph System:

  • How do you know if you have “Leaky Gut” or Inflamed Sores on the inside of your body ?
  • How do you Jump Start the Immune System to Start the "Healing Process” ?
  • What Depletes your Good Healthy Flora Inside and Outside of your Body ?
  • Learn how “ Not all Probiotics are the same”
  • What is going on in the Probiotic World ?
  • Learn About Homemade Probiotics.
  • What does the Lymphatic System have to do with the Gut Lining/Immune System?
  • How is the Gut and the Brain Connected ?