Heathy Living Roundtable with Laura Eisenhower and Sky Kubby

YouTube video


We talk about Plant Medicines, Unlocking our Human Potential, and Real Solutions in this Shifting Paradigm

Cosmic Gaia Laura Eisenhower Roundtable
  • plant medicines
  • immune system
  • sustainable living
  • human potential/Zen self-mastery
  • 5G, AI and dark agendas

Each guest has profound experience, wisdom/expertise in these topics!

Sky Kubby, founder and CEO at -- https://medicinal-foods.com/

Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart is a US-based film maker and musician. He is the creator of Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica, Ungrip and Waking Infinity - all available on Gaia.


Matt Belair --

With experience in fields ranging from mental fortitude, Zen, the pursuit of inner peace and positive living, martial arts, marketing, snowboarding, and travel to neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, sport psychology, life coaching, and conscious living, he is equipped to support you in whatever you aspire to achieve.


Alex Landry ~

"I have been friends with Scott C Tips the President of the National Health Federation since March 2010 when I met him at the AV4 global truth conference in London. And now I am a member, host and aspiring board member! I founded the moringa man in 2016 to help educate everybody about the miracle tree and how it’s the world’s most nutrient dense plant!"

Moringa --

Link to order is www.themoringaman.com it’s on home page!