Medicinal Foods Radio: Vitae Elixxir- Can*er Hates This Stuff!

On this podcast we discuss the history of Vitae Elixxir and hear the amazing stories of how these purple drops have been a healing force in people's live- many who have recovered completely from Can*er, without the use of Chemo.

Vitae Elixxir: Podcast Rebroadcast

Listen to the Podcast Rebroadcast Here: Medicinal Foods Radio: Vitae Elixxir Interview with Steve Basolo

Vitae Elixxir has been around, mostly underground, since the early 80’s and has a track record of helping with strange mystery chronic illnesses like Candida Overgrowth, Can*er,   Psoriasis and Lyme’s. Known as the “Purple Drops”, this laboratory formulated and concentrated extract contains powerful herbs like Graviola and Bloodroot.  Taken by themselves they can be a little intense for the body.  Yet there is something about this blend, that is gentle, and extremely effective.

Read this amazing story about the creator of Vitae Elixxir and how he healed his Cancer and Chronic disease:

* Correction: Cayenne and Cinnamon are NOT good coagulants, in fact they are good for thinning the blood.  Good coagulants are plants high in vitamin K, like kale, chard and broccoli.

***Information contained in this interview is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

2 thoughts on “Medicinal Foods Radio: Vitae Elixxir- Can*er Hates This Stuff!

  1. I had received a bottle of Graviola Guam from a person in Hawaii. Does this still exist or has it been replaced by Vitae Elixxir Herbal Extract. I was taking 3 drops a day in the morning under my tongue because it was supposed to help my immune system against tongue cancer. This cancer to my knowledge has not shown up since it was removed over a year ago by an oral surgeon, I changed my whole life style since then. Is your Herbal Extract a version of the Graviola Guam?

    1. Tongue cancer, wow. DO you know what you got it from? Glad its gone. Vitae contains graviola and no cancer has come back for anyone taking it over the last 40 years.

      Is it boiled down graviola (Soursop) leaves that you got?

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